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WorkLink 專為企業內部商務溝通與管理而打造,透過即時訊息、內部通訊錄與公告等一應俱全的社群功能,讓團隊互動更輕鬆流暢,讓商務資源共享隨時隨地、隨心所欲。

首頁 (Home) - 彙整各項企業內部資訊於單一頁面,便於使用者快速綜覽各項資訊。

通訊錄 (Contacts) - 針對企業商務溝通設計介面,依據部門單位分類,並可呈現人員職稱及目前狀態,便於溝通聯繫。

對話 (Chats) - 便捷即時通訊功能,可傳遞各式文書、圖像與影音檔案,分享地理位置,並支援訊息讀取狀況及時間註記,便於商務訊息溝通使用。

通知 (Notice) - 個人專屬訊息通知功能,即時傳遞並提供隱私保護,不再漏失任何重要事項。

公告 (Announcement) - 便利公告發佈功能,可分類及預約發佈日期,並檢視使用者已讀狀態,確保公告事項內容完整傳遞。

企業資訊 (Company) - 精緻圖文介面呈現企業相關資訊,並可快速查詢各營運據點之地圖位置與聯絡方式。

雲端檔案 (Drive): 企業內部傳輸與儲存的相關檔案,皆可透過共用雲端硬碟輕鬆分享與管理。

行動簽核 (BPM): 行動化系統表單及靈活流程設計,適用於各種核准應用情境,貼心追蹤功能更能隨時掌握簽核進度,提升企業決策力。

設定 (Setup) - 依據個人使用需求,可設定個人資訊、變更密碼、自訂首頁及設定推播通知。

訊息推播 (Push Notification) - 結合通訊錄、對話、通知、公告等功能,企業可推播即時訊息,避免公私通訊應用程式混用,不再遺漏重要商務訊息。

WorkLink is a platform designed for enterprises' internal business communication and management. Through the social network features such as instant messages, address books and announcement, WorkLink helps people within the enterprise interact more efficiently, as well as enables the business resources to be leveraged anytime, anywhere.

Home - A summary of an enterprise's internal information on a single page for users to take an overview in an efficient manner.

Contacts - A comprehensive address book with user friendly interface, categorized by department or other business units, presents each user's contact information, job title and his or her status if available to contact.

Chats - Instant messaging feature provides enterprises with better business communication by transferring all kinds of files, images and video, sharing location, and supporting message read status.

Notice - Exclusive personal notification that protects the privacy of the message and ensures every important task to be captured .

Announcement - Useful announcement feature with proper classification, provides scheduling function for information release date, and supports message read status, so that the company wide information could be cascaded successfully.

Company - The corporate information presented by exquisite characters and pictures, helps users to easily search the contact and location of each business office.

Setup - Users can modify personal profile, change password, customize homepage, and switch the push notification according to their needs.

Push Notification - Push notification combined with all the features can remind users of important business notice to enhance the overall work efficiency.