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How to Make Sure You Pick Good Teams When Betting on Football

20 Mar 2019 Developer News
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Betting is a pastime which has been carried out and enjoyed for centuries. it is exciting and if you are betting on football, for example, it can make the game all the more exciting. For some, they will bet on their favourite team regardless of the possibility of them winning but for others it is more about the odds and the possible gains that can be made.

So, If you are betting on football, how do you make sure that you pick good teams?


The first step would be to conduct some research but with a huge amount of fixtures to choose from, it would not be possible to analyse and be on top of every one, so narrow your selection. You could choose your selection according to preference or existing knowledge but whatever selection you make, you will have to become aware of the circumstances pertaining to the teams, are they on form just now, what is their recent track record, is the main defender for example not playing just now due to injury. Is it a home or away game and do the team for example struggle more with the away games. Keep on top of all of the emerging news with regular online searches for example.


Pick rising stars. Are you aware of teams which may as yet not have reached their true potential but are set for stardom due to perhaps using a different strategy or maybe they have had a change of manager who is showing promise with the team. Try to stay one step ahead if you can.


Choose your teams according to strategy and logic, not according to your emotions. You may have a favourite team for whom you would do anything! It is however not necessarily the case that your team are destined to win, it is not being disloyal to choose to bet strategically!


Look at the odds that are on offer and if you are hoping for big wins, you are going to have to make your bets by picking the more favourable odds. Odds of 2/1 mean that for a $1 stake, you will receive $3 but odds of 12/1 would mean that you would receive $13, so if your stake is higher, the difference could be substantial.  Make sure that you understand the terminology and the options that are open to you when you place your bet. Familiarise yourself with the site if you are betting online - such as on places like


Patience is the key, do not rush, take your time and employ watchful waiting. Decide on your budget and do not be tempted to go for impulsive bets. If you have devised a strategy and have carried out your homework on the teams, stick with that and don’t be tempted to deviate.

Remember, there are no guarantees but with careful strategies and a bit of homework, you can significantly increase your chances of a win. Remember the bookies favourites are not always destined to win..

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