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Hawaiian Dream - Mobile Slot That Burst The Japanese Market!

30 May 2019 Developer News
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Hawaiian Dream
Hawaiian Dream

Here we are again with one of our favorite Japanese mobile slots ever developed. Today we are talking about the Hawaiian Dream mobile slot. Right from the start, we could not miss the way this slot is built. Again, the three-reel slot themed would tell you that this slot is going to feature some fruits. Well, let me tell that you are wrong! Hawaiian Dream is the cherry on top! Although it has three reels, the bonus strategy is so different. It will give you free spins, cash wins and so much more. Also, the vacation theme is something that you will fall in love with. Let`s dig more into the spicy details!


Pachinko style will make you nostalgic


Do you remember PACHINKO? The iconic slot machine style which was so popular in Japan because of its unique design? Well, the developers team put so much work into Hawaiian Dream to make it look like „the old days”. And they did a great job. Before we say anything about this new slot, do you know what Pachinko was?

Pachinko was also a slot machine that was popular back in the 1920s. The only thing you had to do was to guide some steel balls through a complex maze using just a knob. Trust me, it was madness back then. Hawaiian Dream was developed by a company called Golden Hero. The slot can be played in the ベラジョンカジノ  (Vera&John Casino). One of the major and most popular Japanese casinos to have this slot.

It is a very nice story because both, the JTG CEO and the CEO from Golden Hero said that Hawaiian Dream is not just a simple game, is an experience. The gameplay will take you back to the basics of the old Pachinko machines. They did this because they wanted to engage with more than just one generation of players. Now, this can be a strategy for them to interact with older players.

I`ve been talking about Pachinko like it is a phenomenon from the past but that is not true. Nowadays, Pachinko is still making a lot of money and it has over 9 million players from Japan. The total revenue goes around 190 billion dollars per year. Fun fact: In Japan, gambling for real cash is not legal. If you manage to win big at one of the slots, you will be rewarded with balls. These balls cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be taken from the machine by anyone else.

If you want to exchange these balls for cash you have to change them into tokens, and then get the tokens and goto the place that is separate from the parlor. Before it reached 1994, the Pachinko market was estimated somewhere around 300 billion dollars. In 2015, the total revenue made by this industry valued more than what was Vegas producing. Pretty exciting? Go and play the game on your own and see how beautiful it is.

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