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Top 9 Best Educational Apps for iPhone and Android

14 Jun 2019 Developer News
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Education apps

The word “educational” may have quite a broad meaning. When speaking of applications for smartphones, a range of software solutions potentially possible to call them educational is quite wide. The top educational apps are easy to find them in both Android and Apple stores. If the point is to find the best applications for students not being a fad, then the quest becomes much more tricky and long.

There are educational apps for college students, high-school graduates, people providing education services, or just adults who want to continue finding out new things long after they finished schools and colleges. Professional education service experts created the list of top 9 best educational apps for iPhone and Android, which students could use with maximum effectiveness. 

No matter if you look for how to improve your thinking, find some mental exercise, creativity, or you need to solve specific tasks like to organize your essay writing or explain the role Leonardo da Vinci played in the Renaissance, there is a bunch of educational apps specially created to help you deal with the job. On the other side, no educational apps are really devoted to the Renaissance age uniquely are in this list. Students instead need just to check favorite applications of pro essay writers and teachers.


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Now, let’s see 9 best educational apps for students.


The Great Courses (Free, internal purchases) 

It is very cool to get your education at college. But if you don't like to do your homework or deal with lots of tasks you delay, then The Great Courses educational app can provide you with lessons from professional teachers touching multiple subjects like history, literature, mathematics, music, business or even cooking. The Great Courses educational app allows downloading or streaming lectures. Also, it is Chromecast compatible. Lecture videos are made clearly and professionally and offer visual help when needed. The app is free to use, though they will ask you to pay if you want to get individual courses. A free trial period is available, and sometimes they sell courses with discounts. Besides, a smartphone is probably lighter than all the necessary papers with learning materials.  


Memrise (Free, offers paid premium subscription) 

Language learning is a serious and hard quest, especially when there are no offline courses in your neighborhood. Students always can get a textbook and go in for self-learning, but the Memrise educational app has another way for you to try: it teaches you foreign language vocabularies through the use of gamification concepts.

Download the app, find a language you would like to learn and prepare to be drilled on phrases and words, tested on spelling, aural understanding, definitions, etc. There is a free version of this educational app, but it does not offer the full scale of possible services. The specter will open for you after buying a premium pack, and annoying, aggressive ads are here in the free version to force you to spend money. Nevertheless, Memrise is probably one of the most convenient ways to learn a particular language on your own. 


Udacity (free or 200 dollars) 

Udacity is where you get online courses for free. Students can make a choice among hundreds of themes. In addition, for $200 it is possible to purchase a service giving you professional coaching sessions, feedback, and an original nanodegree certificate offers you free online courses. If you plan to get a job as a programmer in the future, a nanodegree is a solid choice to get a significant plus in your CV.



Brainscape educational app developers state it is possible to accelerate your learning up to 2 times through the use of flashcards. Brainscape is about you correctly repeating all concepts and gaining knowledge better. And, what matters the most, you memorize new things more effectively. Mark how good the level of your concept knowledge is and this educational app will note you about passing another test right in time. Users can generate, share, and use flashcards made by other people freely. The "Pro" plan will cost you $10 monthly, $30 to subscribe for 6 months, and $36 to get 12-month premium access. It is possible to get an "eternal" subscription, which will cost a student $80. These plans let you use premium contents, additional cool features like the browse mode, reversible cards, or bookmarks. You can also generate flashcards with no ads in them. 


Best Educational Apps: Due (5 dollars) 

To some students, the Due app may look like an alarm clock able to work without being connected to the web and not requiring the account registration. Due lets you set timers and reminding notifications possible to use them repeatedly. Daily or weekly reminders are capitalizing on more than 50 sound alerts. An additional plus for traveling students: your notifications synchronize between all the gadgets you use and shift their timing depending on the time zone you enter.


Ready4 SAT 

There is a whole bunch of Ready4’s educational apps based on testing. But these apps like SAT go a lot further than just making students solve practical questions on demand. In fact, with Ready4 SAT, your goal is to study what is required and have tests nearby perfectly optimized for mobile gadget screens: this allows you to study anywhere you take the smartphone with you. This educational app is free. It additionally attempts to compare your possible SAT result with the demands of different schools and studying programs functioning in different places of our planet. That's an excellent motivational point to study harder, isn't it?


Educational Apps: Photomath 

In case you are a high-school student requiring improving your “x” isolation knowledge when solving algebra problems, the Photomath educational app is your bro. Have you ever dreamt of a math-freaky friend sitting nearby and explaining to you how to solve math things? Then, this app is such a guy. Take a picture of a problem, write it, type it, do whatever you can to let the software piece know what to answer, and it will solve everything, cut the outcome into a step-by-step guide and explain to you why the result is exactly what you see on the screen. Improving your math knowledge had never been so easy before. 



Speaking of educational buddies again, we must remark: the most of young people receiving a task to write something academic, can't have a professional tutor or editor to explain them ways to make their skill of writing better sentence by sentence. The AI algorithm of the Grade Proof educational app provides you with specific tips on style improvement, plagiarism check, etc. It can even notice complicated grammar mistakes other text editorial software might not notice. The starting version of this piece of software goes at no cost. But if you want to unblock the totally immense power of this essay writing tutor, get ready to pay $10 for the Premium status.




Nowadays, getting a higher education knowledge level does not require you to be a college student or visit great libraries or wise wizards living in stone towers. With EdX, any person having a smartphone or any other gadget can gain knowledge directly from, for example, the worldwide known and respected establishment as MIT. It is possible even to get a certificate! Watch lectures online, pass tests, do assignments while maintaining your own studying tempo. Moreover, a student loan is not a problem for you anymore because you don't really need it. Still, certain courses and certificates will require you to pay extra costs.

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