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5 Useful Apps to Install this Summer

26 Jul 2019 Developer News
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Even the most powerful phone cannot fully reach its potential without applications installed on it. All that a mobile device can do without them is to make calls, write and receive SMS, take photos and videos. By installing useful apps, the smartphone user gets almost unlimited possibilities. Working with files, processing and viewing multimedia, games, surfing the Web, ordering a taxi and food, booking tickets, planning travel, learning languages ​​- perhaps there is no such task that could not be solved with the help of your gadget.

If you are a gambler you'd better pay your attention to the best bonuses for online casinos and check out more info about fresh releases, updates, and news are available for the interested users. Your mobile device can become not only the means of entertainment but also the resource for making money. Check out 5 more useful applications that will help you in any situation.


1.      PRISM

There was a time when the network was full of images processed by Prism. This photo editor uses neural networks technology and turns photos into artworks in seconds. You can draw a picture of Levitan or Claude Monet, a portrait like of Renoir or Dali. Moreover, you do not need to be an artist for this!

By the way, neural networks are considered the real technology of the future. With their help, you can predict currency changes, population density, the weather, etc.



This health app helps to control fitness activities. Here, you can keep a training log, receive tips and alerts, set goals for a year, and even monitor the wear of sneakers! There is something like a social network of runners: you can apply for motivation or share your success.

If you want to diversify your physical activities, in addition to Runtastic, install other useful fitness apps on your smartphone that will help you keep fit and monitor your health every day.

3.      POCKET

All the owners of smartphones and tablets are so accustomed to the mobile Internet that they simply cannot do without it. However, it often happens that there is no time to read interesting news or notes, and it would be great to be able to postpone them for later when the free time appears. The Pocket application from the developer named Read It Later is intended for solving this problem.

Using Pocket, you can save articles, videos, recipes, and web pages and then work with the stored material anywhere, even offline.


4.      UBER

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded Uber in 2009. Then the developers created the eponymous mobile application to search, call, and pay for a taxi or private drivers in San Francisco. Uber is now represented in 67 countries and 300 cities of the world.

The application determines the location of the user on the smartphone via GPS - there is no need to give the exact address. The app displays the cars on the map nearby. The user can view each car, check the driver’s rating, and choose the one that he likes most.


5.      MORECAST

MORECAST is an easy-to-manage application that displays the weather conditions in selected cities of the world. You can simultaneously check the weather in New York and Tokyo.

You can find many small details in the app, including webcams that show the weather at different times of the day around the world. At the bottom of the application find shortcuts, each of which displays something interesting (a weather map, places of interest visited by other users, etc.)

Did you like this list? Share your experience of using these apps and tell us about your favorites.

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