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A new app to ween you off the weed!!

19 Aug 2019 Developer News
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Cannabis app
Cannabis app

While the media has been covering the growth of CBD alternatives, there’s a new app called Grounded that helps people on Cannabis quit or simply take a break. The first thing it covers is your feedback on cravings and feelings when using and not using. A log reminds you of how long since you “kicked the habit” but also updates you on how much money you have saved during this period – a useful motivator. On top of this, the app keeps you constantly aware of any symptoms you may experience while going through this process.


With an almost perfect 4.8 star rating from over 100 users, this app has become very popular amongst its users. Feedback is very strong and the developers are active in engaging with those comments in the Appstore which, to us, is always a positive signal. Too many developers ignore the feedback and just plough on regardless.


The concept in itself is simple and based on the motivation factor but we think that in itself is the reason for its success. The app is free to download and the upgrade is only $1.99 making it very good value.

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