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3 Significant Reasons Why You Should Get AWS developer certification in 2019

30 Aug 2019 Developer News
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While certifications are not an alternative for the ultimate experience, they are a great place to begin with.

Earlier in 2019, AWS Developer Certification was not trending. Many developers neglect it thinking it is not of much use. But, the story changes as the year passes. Not every professional chase the latest tech trend because they feel everyone does the same. But, to be part of the IT world, one needs to stay relevant in this lively industry. But, there is also a risk of never becoming an expert if one follows the same trends all the time.

For cloud computing and AWS, there is no specific trend, but everything is stable. However, negligence here will make you inappropriate, very quick.

Though developers are using certain AWS-backed services at work, the extent of their knowledge, skills, and experience with various AWS services was reasonably limited. No doubt, Amazon provided a rick ecosystem of computing, storage, infrastructure, and automation technologies. Well, once ding some research, the best approach for one is to reward the certification of AWS Solutions Architect (Associate).


It is considered that certifications are sometimes a controversial discussion in the IT field. Some disagree that getting a certification makes you more viable, whereas others think they may have a negative impact by providing the impression that you are reimbursing for the lack of experience. Despite where you stand on this problem, certifications, in general, have always been an efficient and positive achievement in one's career. It has opened various opportunity doors for you and makes you stand apart from other applicants.

So, why should you go with AWS certifications?


1 AWS: Gold Standard of the Cloud

One of the leading certifications in the IT industry, AWS is valued in almost every aspect. As per the Gartner, Amazon's cloud is ten times larger than its next 15 competitors together. Though it is not good news for the folks at Google Cloud Platform and Azure, it is excellent news for you.

No matter, whether you are a database admin, an IoT developer, an AI developer, a Big Data analyst, and a web developer, your life will be quite easy if you take benefit of Amazon's platform. Their services cover almost every aspect of technology, and talking them would not be a task of 5-minute discussion. They are continuously adding more exciting offerings and forming in a way that is stepping up the ladder of success in the competitive crowd.

According to Garner's report of Magic Quadrant, there is an availability of execution and innovation in AWS exams.


2 AWS certifications: Feasible and Effectively Within Reach

Contrasting to other vendors, Amazon gives a realistic certification way that does not need highly specialized training to begin. It doesn't mean that certification is not essential. It is, but you don't need to quit your job and pay for costly training to obtain your first AWS certification.

Well, AWS offers three tiers:

1. Associate tier:

  • Certified Developer Associate
  • Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

2. Professional level

  • DevOps Professional
  • Certified Solutions Architect Professional

3. Specialty tier:

  • Security
  • Big Data
  • Advanced Networking

The simple approach is, to begin with, the certified solutions Architect Associate. It is a beneficial way to get familiar with the ecosystem of AWS and fantastic services. All you need is to have an associate certificate before sitting for any specialty or professional test. The next option is that you being a developer can go with many more solutions before sitting for a particular professional exam.

For the training, the best resource is Knowledgehut. It has a good record of candidates passing their examinations for all levels of certificates in the first attempt. The faculty is professional, conscious, and expert is providing courses you want to get certified in. Their classes are reasonable and unmatched in content and quality.

All the self-learners got rejoiced! With a bit of discipline and effort, you can be proficient in your field. Knowledgehut also provides suitable packages for you to get through the courses with your budget throughout the year. However, a good experience is critical in the journey of learning.


3 AWS Skills: High Demand and High Wages

What Forbes says is quite different from what you believe. Many top-paying certifications remain the top for many years, and people are showing their interest in the course tot eh fullest.

What's More?

Keep one thing in mind that merely achieving the AWS Solutions Architect Certifications does not mean that you are instantly getting the annual salary more than your expectations. Various other factors are at play, which includes your skills, f=geographic location, experience, and more. The fundamental point is, proving to potential employers that you are capable of utilizing Amazon's cloud offerings will have a positive impact on your career.

It's been a long time that people are searching for the upcoming AWS exams. For them, it is advisable to go to the official site of Knowledgehut and stay updated on what's trending in the market. Passing both the Solutions Architect and Developer exams are fantastic opportunities, which is the actual test of your time, investment, and money. Regardless of what the outcome comes out to be, one can feel the gaining of a single set of skills that will be very handy for the projects as well as for your career opportunities in the future.

The Foundational (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) level is planned for people who are hoping to develop and approve generally comprehension of the AWS Cloud. It's helpful for people in specialized, administrative, deals, obtaining, or monetary jobs who work on AWS.

In 2018, the AWS recertification approach was to recertify every two years by taking an independent recertification test. As of late, be that if May is available, the method was changed to recertify every three years by taking the latest version of the full-length test, as opposed to an independent recertification exam. As of March 3, 2019, AWS will never again offer independent recertification tests.

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