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The SAY App Revolutionizes the Video Chat Experience

05 Sep 2019 Developer News
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There’s plenty of bigtime video chat apps that kickass and we should be happy they exist. We’ve all used Skype, Facetime and many others to take care of business and to hang out with our friends and family. And yet there are few apps that have carved out a niche in a flooded market and created a huge splash as the SAY app has achieved.

SAY is a free app that focuses on real relationships and not fake profiles. And who likes all those fakes on Facebook or Instagram posting stuff that we don’t even care about. And they certainly don’t care about us - do they? Do we really want to video chat with a fake poser we once played Space Invaders in the 3rd grade who then became a stuck-up attorney?

We’ve grown up and they’ve grown or developed in a different direction that is sometimes difficult to relate to. And that’s really OK. It’s always a good time to let go of focusing on people you may not even like anymore.

Sometimes you just want to go on social media sites or video chat with people who interest you and are interested in you. Sometimes you just want to be a part of a group of friends who share similar interests.

Yes, real people do exist. And they’re truly fascinating.


Join tight-knit groups that make video chatting engaging and a real blast

Now with SAY - thousands of people are revolutionizing the video chat experience so they connect with real friends and where you can be the real you. You see, with the SAY app - you can create or find specific groups of like-minded people and develop real relationships with diverse people that you have a lot in common with.

So, if you’re a bonafide nut about ping pong or table tennis, for example, and you can’t find anyone to take you seriously - don’t give up on your hobby or be embarrassed! After all, table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988. And there’s no need to hide behind a profile or be lonely!

SAY allows you to create a group of ping pong enthusiasts and start getting to know real people that you have a lot in common with from the get-go. SAY offers unique groups to be totally free and 100% themselves:

  • Music/band fans
  • Video game junkies
  • Sports/team fans
  • Artist lovers
  • TV show/movie fans
  •  LGBTQ groups
  • Science enthusiasts
  • Comic book maniacs
  • Political mavens
  • And many more types of groups and communities

SAY doesn’t allow groups to get too big either - so you never feel like just a number. You can make real friends and make a group that you always feel comfortable with wherever you are!


Say offers a safe video chat environment that allows you to be free to be yourself

The SAY app essentially creates a super safe chat environment that is perfect for ensuring that you can always be yourself while not getting trolled, teased or harassed by an unhappy member. Now, you can help create a real experience with old friends, new friends or chat with family members who may be far away.

Ultimately, the SAY app enables trusted conversations, free of fear, boredom and algorithms. It seems that over a decade ago, social media stole our identity. It captured our good names and our profile pics, squeezed out all our complexities, our depth and our color.

Big social media sites and apps transformed all of us into consumable, shallow shells of ourselves. Many of us have become fakes. And yet - instead of people talking behind people's backs like weak-minded weasels - you now have people being untrue wolverines and spouting all sorts of opinions and stuff all over social media sites and the internet.

So many of us are conditioned by algorithms to brag more, flex more, troll more and to be fake. After a decade of fake - the SAY app is ready for a revolution! They want you to rediscover the real you with real people. They want you to get face-to-face and share ideas, opinions and hearty laughs.

SAY wants you to banter, agree and disagree with people. Not profiles. The real-people revolution has begun. And SAY is clearly leading the charge full-speed ahead!

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