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The Five Best Betting Apps of 2019 by Category

20 Sep 2019 Developer News
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Betting apps

Almost everyone is aware that big betting brands like Betfair and Ladbrokes offer betting apps for their punters. With a quick download, these lite, handy apps allow you to place wagers and play casino games without the hassle of logging in every time. Yet, casino and betting apps are only two of the total number of betting apps available. Today, we’re going to show you five different types of betting apps you can download right now. We’ll also include the “best of 2019” for each category.



Lotto appeals even to people who swear they aren’t gamblers and who would never consider playing casino games or gambling on football. It is the most socially acceptable form of gambling, and in most countries, you can play in weekly national lotteries. Tickets are for sale in every newsagent and supermarket in the UK, US, and Australia, for example. There are few qualms about how lottery games work - you buy a ticket, match certain numbers, and potentially win life-changing jackpots. Yet, to date, lotto players have been limited to playing in their national lotteries, which are often state monopolies.


Enter World Lottery Club aka Lotto Go. This app allows you to play in national draws from around the world, including the US Powerball draw and several Australian lotteries. It does so by creating a degree of separation - you don’t buy tickets as such, but instead, you bet on the winning numbers. Clever, right?!

Best Lotto App of 2019: World Lotto Club aka LottoGo


Sports Betting

The most popular form of gambling in the world is sports betting. From Americans betting on baseball to Brits wagering on Premier League Football, the whole world can appreciate sports betting. It’s even legal in many countries where casino games aren’t, and is generally a more socially acceptable form of gambling. These days, sports betting apps are far more advanced than they were even a few years back. At the moment, it’s all about live and in-play betting. These betting apps allow you to make all sorts of in-game wagers on penalty kicks, corners, next team to score, etc. Any consideration of the best betting app of 2019 has to factor in the number of live betting markets. In that regard, there can only be one winner…

Best Sports Betting App of 2019: Bet365



Casino apps offer hundreds of slot machines, table games, and digital scratchcards at your fingertips. Almost every top-level betting brand has apps for both Android and iOS devices, although Windows and Blackberry users can have trouble finding compatible apps. With casino apps, you have the advantage of playing straight from your device, but they do come with one drawback. In many cases, you won’t have access to the full range of games available. We’ve seen some apps which offer 100 games in their casino app and over 500 on their mobile website. This is a tradeoff you’ll have to weigh up for yourself - do you want to have the extra convenience for fewer games? Each player will have a different answer for that.

Best Casino App of 2019: LeoVegas



Financial betting is much more popular in some countries than in others. It’s wildly popular in the UK, for example, but not so hot in neighbouring Ireland, which much prefers sports betting.

You can bet on financials via many different means. One of the most popular is financial spread betting. To place these bets, you bet on the price direction of an asset or market. When you’re right, you make money, and when you’re wrong, you lose. The profits here are theoretically unlimited, but the losses can be steep, too, so caution is advised. The best financial betting app should give you access to a large number of markets, should educate its users on how to bet and do so safely, and should provide market alerts and insights. When all of this is considered, the best betting app is easy to discern.

Best Financial Betting App of 2019: City Index



Debate rages on about whether or not poker is really a game of chance. Many feel it’s a game of skill, and gambling regulators around the world continue to struggle with how to classify poker.

None of this confusion stops its popularity, which is at an all-time high as more and more people come online. Social media sites like Facebook offer free poker apps like Zynga poker, sowing the seeds of WSOP glory in many aspiring poker players the world over. When it comes to real money poker apps, they should offer plenty of poker variants, games for all ability levels, and regular poker tournaments and promotions. After considering all of these factors and more, we found the best poker app this year.

Best Poker App of 2019: Pokerstars


Tips When Using Gambling Apps

Before you race off and download any of the above betting apps, consider these points. Gambling online safely is always the most important factor.

  • Make sure you download the gambling app directly from the source or a trusted third-party source like the App Store. There are too many phishing apps out there which have one objective in mind - steal your details and your money.

  • Don’t connect your bank account or credit cards to the gambling app. It’s far too easy to tap a button and place more bets. Use either virtual Visa cards which expire or use a voucher system like Paysafecard with a fixed amount of credit. This can control the amount you spend on gambling apps.

  • Make sure the app offers what you want. This particularly applies to casino players. As mentioned above, many casino apps restrict the number of games available in their apps, so they don’t take up too much memory on your device. Be sure the games you want to play are available on the app.
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