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AppValley – Safe Apps Store Download ++ Tweaked Apps (iPhone & iPad)

23 Oct 2019 Developer News
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As all iOS users know, Apple has a strict set of guidelines and policies regarding apps and games. Not all iOS apps and games are able to satisfy these policies. Hence, these apps and games do not come up on the official App Store. Catering to these third-party apps, are the third-party App Stores; the most popular being AppValley VIP. Justifying its name, AppValley is definitely a valley filled to the brim with tweaked/++ apps and games.


Is AppValley Safe?

The first question that might come in the minds of readers will be regarding the safety of AppValley. Well! AppValley doesn’t require a jailbroken iPhone to work. Hence, you are not voiding the warranty of your device by installing AppValley. Moreover, every application or game uploaded on AppValley, go through a rigorous virus and malware check before becoming live on the platform.


Features of AppValley

Following are some of the primary features of AppValley:

  • Regularly new apps and games are added to the inventory. So, you won’t have any dearth of tweaked apps on the platform.
  • The application won’t ask for your Apple ID for the installation of apps and games.
  • As and when available, you will receive updates for the applications or games that you download and install from the platform.
  • The interface of AppValley is more or less similar to the original App Store. Hence, you won’t have any issue navigating through the screens.
  • If you are unable to locate a particular app or a game on the platform, you can place a request for the same with the developers from within the platform. The required app or game will be uploaded on a priority basis.

Going forward, following are the steps to install AppValley on iPhone/iPad.


Install AppValley on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak] [STEPS]

  • As a first, please launch Safari Browser and click here AppValley iOS” to navigate to the official webpage of AppValley.
  • Once the webpage loads, scroll down and you will see a button captioned as ‘Install AppValley.’
  • Tap on the button and a dialog box will come up stating that the webpage wants to install AppValley on your iOS device. Hit ‘Install’ again.
  • Now, move to the home screen of your iOS device to monitor the installation progress of AppValley.
  • Once the installation is successful, prior to launching the platform, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of AppValley.
  • Go ahead and launch the platform now.


How to Download Apps and Games from AppValley

  • After you launch the application, an interface almost similar to the official App Store will greet you.
  • You can either browse through the list of apps or directly search for the app that you desire.
  • Tap on the application listing or on the search result to navigate to the application information screen.
  • Hit ‘Get’ to initiate the download and installation procedure.
  • Hit ‘Install’ on the dialog box that comes up next stating that AppValley wants to install the particular application on your iOS device.
  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen.
  • As and when the installation is over, prior to launching the downloaded app, make sure you trust the profile of the same.



AppValley – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why I am facing “Profile-Verification Error” on Launching AppValley?

If after a period of use, you are facing ‘Profile-Verification Error’ while launching the platform, it means that Apple has revoked the application. Please reinstall the app by following the steps mentioned above.

Q – Is AppValley Legal?

AppValley is a third-party app and enjoys the same legal status as other third-party applications. However, it is the owner of the platform who bears the brunt of Apple rather than the end-user.

Q – Does AppValley work on iOS 13?

Yes! AppValley works on iOS 13 and even on the subsequent iOS versions.

Final Words – AppValley on iPhone/iPad

These were the facts regarding the download and installation of AppValley. If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below.

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