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Tutuapp Download - Safe & Non Revokable Third Party App Installer

23 Oct 2019 Developer News
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Almost all iOS users would have faced the limitation of apps in the official app store. Apple’s security policies do not allow the use of third-party apps. If you are concerned about the safety of your iOS but also wish to get more apps, TutuApp is the perfect app store for you. There is no need to jailbreak your iDevice. TutuApp Installer is known for the enormous database of apps and games they provide.  Another highlight of TutuApp iOS is that the app store is completely free of cost. You can install third-party apps in the best quality using this app installer. In this article, we have provided detailed instructions to download and install TutuApp on iOS devices for free. Do check out this amazing app installer.


Features of TutuApp

TutuApp is one of the most downloaded app store alternatives for iOS devices. You can get apps and games from other device platforms on iOS using the latest TutuApp for iOS.

  1. It has a huge library of third-party apps and games including mods, tweaks, etc.
  2. You can download apps for free.
  3. Third-party apps can be downloaded without jailbreaking iOS.
  4. Good quality mods, hacks, and emulators are available.
  5. The apps cannot be revoked by the server.
  6. The user interface is simple so that anyone can use it.

You can get all types of third-party apps and games with TutuApp for iOS. All your favorite apps can be downloaded at the highest speed using TutuApp iOS.


Why TutuApp is the best compared to the other app store alternatives?

TutuApp for iOS provides the safest platform to download third-party, tweaked and hacked apps for free. The main highlight is that the downloaded apps can never be revoked by the Apple server. They keep the app certificates safe and do not void the warranty of your iDevice.


How to Install TutuApp on iOS devices

TutuApp can be easily downloaded on iOS for free. There are hundreds of apps and games to download on iDevices using this app installer. Here is the procedure to download TutuApp on iOS devices.

  1. Open the URL provided here Official TuTuApp Download using the Safari browser.
  2. You need to hit the Install button to download TutuApp.
  3. Once it is downloaded, go to Settings.
  4. Open the Profile & Device Management option.
  5. Enable Trust option for the TutuApp profile.

That’s all you have to do. You have downloaded the latest TutuApp iOS without jailbreak.


Is TutuApp Revocable?

No, TutuApp for iOS is never revocable. The app installer is designed in such a way that the Apple server cannot find the app certificates to revoke. The downloaded apps will never get revoked or crashed. There is no jailbreak involved in the process either. As a result, it is totally safe to use TutuApp on iOS devices.


How to Install Apps and Games via TutuApp?

It is very easy to install apps and games on iOS using TutuApp. You simply have to follow the steps below.

  1. Open TutuApp and take the Search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Make a search for your desired app.
  3. Select the app and tap on the Install button.
  4. Navigate to Settings, take the Profile & Device Management option.
  5. Trust the app.



TutuApp for iOS gives a wide range of modded and hacked apps to choose from. The developers of this amazing app installer are taking every effort to expand the database with new apps and games. You can find new updates regularly in the latest TutuApp for iOS. It is a safe source and does not require a jailbreak. This makes it the most reliable app store alternative for iOS devices.

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