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Tips for Inventing and Marketing App-Powered Devices

05 Nov 2019 Developer News
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Devices that are controlled by apps have become the latest tech craze in recent years, as smart devices and homes have spoiled consumers into expecting their smartphone to do everything. With advancements in the fields of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, it probably won’t be long before we see an app-powered device that can walk your dog while you control the leash from the comfort of your couch. If you’ve recently come up with an idea for a device that could be controlled by an app, here are a few tips that will help you bring your product idea into fruition:


1. Use a PCB Design Software

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are some of the most commonly used and important electronics components that are incorporated into app-powered devices. A PCB design software keeps you from having to design and manually test numerous prototypes because the entire process is virtualized and simulated within the digital realm. This will ultimately save you money on material costs and help you develop a more effective and efficient PCB design. To get an idea of what you can do with this kind of tool, check out this PCB design softwares list.


2. Think Smart Home Integration

If you’re trying to come up with appealing feature ideas for your app or device, try incorporating its functionality into the overall management of a smart home. If you can invent the next product that smart homeowners feel like they need to buy, you’ll be solidifying your place in a burgeoning tech industry that is set to change the way we live our daily lives. Products that achieve seamless and sensible smart home integration will carry an inherently high level of marketability and public appeal. Likewise, an entire industry has sprung up to accommodate related niches like smart landscaping (i.e. - robotic mowers), or automated vehicle washing devices. As such, there’s a decent amount of flexibility left for completely new ideas to emerge in this space.


3. Start an Affiliate Ad Share Program

If you’re marketing your app and device independently, your campaigns are only going to reach so far. By starting an affiliate program and inviting professional marketers to advertise your brand in exchange for commissions or a percentage of the funds gained through ad revenue or other monetization source, your campaigns will go further. Basically, you’re giving marketers an incentive to start promoting your brand without actually paying them anything upfront. In fact, you only pay them after they’ve already delivered leads, and even then, it’s an agreed upon percentage of the profits you’re making from those leads. Thus, this is an effective way to start spreading awareness about your app-device combo.


Be Part of the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoT) is a concept that describes the way an increasing number of common objects and households items are being connected to the web. Analysts predict that within the next century, virtually all electronic devices will be able to connect to the web.

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