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Social Media Reporting Tools For Agencies

05 Nov 2019 Developer News
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There are many tools for social media management and reporting to make use of, besides the common ones everyone knows about. Digital marketing agencies would not even be able to function properly without these reporting tools and apps that help them do their job efficiently. Since you can find an endless number of effective tools with various online features that are being used for different purposes, agencies need to do some research in order to find the right set that will help them get through the tasks they need to facilitate.

Without doing extensive research on a regular basis, agencies will not only miss some tools that offer golden opportunities to make their lives easier, but they might miss the new releases that come up every now and then. This might make these agencies lose their edge and be pushed back in the fierce competition among agencies who do their research. That’s why we created this article to walk you through some of the most important reporting tools that shouldn’t be missed.




This tool has proved useful to marketing agencies by providing them with fully detailed reports. While still offering vital features to businesses, it helps them with social media, organic research, and other digital marketing reporting needs. Even if you are a freelancer or a marketer who is working for a big company, you can use Whatagraph to get your results in a visually enchanting way. The information available on states that this helpful tool packs some extra features, such as the option to schedule automated marketing reports with summaries. You can also use it to create multi-source reports with customizable options for themes, colors, and schemes.



This tool is specially designed to help with social media marketing, by offering solutions to any challenge you might face, through publishing, monitoring, reporting, and providing optimization and measurements for social media platforms. The most important feature that they offer is social media customer care to ensure a better experience for you. You can find measurements and reposting to simplify all your reporting processes. It also has the option to analyze your audience, competitors, and the entire market.



This tool presents various methods for managing and amplifying multiple brands on social media. It works as a unified social inbox for each brand. You can connect it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media platforms. By connecting to these platforms, it can provide you with publishing, collaboration, reporting, and monitoring features to make your work smoother and easier, without requiring any extra effort on your part.



This management platform is designed specifically for B2B enterprises to manage, monitor, and measure all social media activities. It allows the enterprise to reach marketing goals by offering social media management, promotions, and employee advocacy. Some people have reported reaching a 70% increase in their organic reach just by using this powerful platform, thanks to its useful solutions. Functions include publishing, reporting, curation, monitoring, and collaboration, along with the option to connect to many marketing automation sites and platforms.


Sprout Social

The best thing about this tool is that it allows for team collaboration in addition to its various other features. It also makes it possible for publishers to connect to different social media platforms. This enables them to do all the planning, organizing and measuring while managing content on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

By understanding your audience through the options, this tool offers—such as engaging with your community—you will be able to build stronger relationships with them on social media after you have measured the performance. All of these features that include listening, publishing, engagement, and providing analytics are offered by a single social media management platform, which doesn’t even require a credit card information or software installation.



With this tool, you don’t have to spend your time building reports from scratch, as it offers several available templates that you can choose from. It presents over 200 templates for reports and dashboards, along with the option to customize and create your own reports. You will also be able to modify and apply any changes you see fit.

Choosing a tool or a set of tools for managing, publishing, and reporting is essential to being able to get the job done with minimum effort and maximum professionalism. Still, before you start looking for the right ones for you, it’s a good idea to take the time to identify your business needs, in order to get the most out of your social media reporting tools.

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