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How to make a gambling site?

02 Dec 2019 Developer News
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Brief introduction to the availability of gambling in different parts of the world. In 60 countries, online gambling is allowed (one or another of its varieties): these are some provinces of Canada, many European countries, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and few others. In about 40 countries, online gambling is completely prohibited by law. This does not mean that their residents do not have access to them. About 30 states allow online casinos and bookmakers to operate on their territory, but their citizens are denied the right to open their own business in this area. In 27 countries, traditional land-based casinos are legal, but online casinos are not. Now let’s talk about how to make your own gambling site. In this post we would like to discuss it very briefly; here you will find only the most important points during the creation process of the gambling site.


6 steps to make a perfect gambling website
First of all, you need to choose the theme of your gambling site, what do you want to focus on, financial bets, lotteries, poker, or something else? Of course, you can always go the hard way and make a common site combining several topics. You also need to determine how to monetize your project, and off course you should always watch how your competitors do it, for example, here’s a list of gambling sites where you can see how they earn money and look other advertising solutions.

Online gambling real money

Choose a name for your site, if this is the theme of poker, then maybe you want to have a name like pokerpro, pokerworld, pokermania or something similar. Keep in mind that good names will already be taken, however, if you focus on the European gambling markets with .eu domains, then most of the good ones may still be free. Please note that the website name must be short and “catchy”.



Hosting - hosting is selected quite simply and there are no special instructions and variations, it is preferable to have a hosting in the country in which you want to create a gambling site.



Website development - you have two options to create a casino related website, either do it yourself, or order from a programmer (or a company which will make it fast and with good quality).



Writing materials and texts, again, you can write texts yourself or order them to the professional writer. If you are going to make a website about gambling, then most likely you should have ideas about how everything works, so it's best to write the texts yourself. Although it is very individual.


The development of the site, the creation of the gambling site and everything that we described earlier is only 10% of success. 90% of your time will be occupied by the development of the site, its advertising, marketing and promotion. Whatever candy you have created, no one will know about it unless you constantly develop and advertise your project.



If you want to see Gambling in a ready-made example of a site, then go to, maybe you will have some ideas or thoughts on creating your own resource after checking finished project.

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