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How Much It Cost To Repair Your Cellular Phones

24 Dec 2019 Developer News
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phone repair

We have all gone through the agonizing and truly abhorred experience of having our phones break. For some, it was something of a horror story where the phone decided to, spontaneously stop working. For others, it was more of an action movie where the phone flew right out of our hand and in that precise instant, time stops. Our mouth is glacially mouthing the words NO! One of our friends seemingly defies the laws of physics while going for the catch to only miss by so much. Well, rest assured, because your phone can be fixed. The only question is, at what price?


The Cost of Repairing

Before choosing a phone repair service, consider taking a look at your wallet. After doing so, make note of the kind of damage your phone experienced. Water damage is different and more costly than some other types of damages. A cracked screen or damaged speakers can be much easier, but could be even more costly to repair. The costs aren’t limited to just fixing the phone. An inexplicit cost is one of having to spend time away from your phone. Expert advisors of Gopher Mods have estimated the cell phone repair for screens to take no more than a few hours, on average. Whereas some other fixes may need time for delivery of parts or time for the shipment to specialized technicians. Generally, a third-party repair shop will prove to be much more affordable, and kinder to the wallet, than going to the manufacturers. Glass screens fall within an estimate of anywhere between $25-$200, depending on the phone’s model. Some shops bring with their bid to fix your phone a warranty which promises to fix your phone for free depending on the terms & conditions. Also, older phones are always cheaper to fix than new ones. Sometimes a cracked screen can cost as little as $45, though again, it depends on the model.

A general repair, which involves changing your phone’s battery, will cost you somewhere around $150-$200. It also fixes any other problems you’re experiencing, but if your device has too many issues the price is subject to an increase. The thought of a repair rendered from a third-party affecting your warranty is nothing but a rumor for most cases. It does not negate the device’s manufacturer warranty in the slightest. However, any damage done by the third-party is not covered by the warranty either, and that may add a hefty bill to your bank account. Back to water damage, which is the most difficult and lengthy fix, may have your phone go away for too long. It costs anywhere between $35 and $50. Yet, keep in mind that a fried motherboard may render the repair ‘economically unfeasible.’ All in all, most phone repair costs tend to cost, but a fraction of a new phone, which means buying a new phone is not easier nor financially intelligent. Instead, look around for a good deal given by a reliable shop and ask them to repair it for you.

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