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What makes a casino a great casino

10 Jan 2020 Developer News
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Historically, the casino has been a place where fantasy meets reality; it’s where you can find yourself walking in a sea of slot machines and blackjack tables. And it’s where everybody wears fancy clothes sometimes, right?  Tuxedos, chic dresses, the works. More often than not, you’ll probably spot these big spenders with a shiny, salty cocktail on their hands. Living the good life, basically. Sure, there are tourists as well, curious Joes and all types of low spenders, but these are out of our scope for today. We salute them but choose to ignore them for now. The design and often the theme of a casino are the most important dimensions of such locations. It’s what usually attracts people and what makes them spend a good amount of time gambling. It’s what differentiates one casino from another. Whether it’s the pavilions, the big chandeliers or the colors of the furry rugs, each detail matters. Or should matter. Each detail is carefully planned to provide you with best gambling experience.

What do people want from a casino?

Come on, spend your money HERE. You’re bound to spend it eventually on stuff, right? So why not here, where we will take good care of you for a few hours and make it FUN” – this is what smart casino managers aim for. It’s what the players want to feel when they step into a casino. And surely there are many casinos that have taken things to the next level as far as design and aesthetics are concerned. These gambling halls have a strong and relentless focus on their guests and like we mentioned already, are often built using different themes. All these efforts are made for creating a fantastic world where anything is possible. And in many cases, anything truly is possible. From hitting the jackpot at the slot machines to getting that 3 of spades that makes you scream “BLACKJACK, BABY!!!”. As long as you know your limits, casino life will bring glamour and relaxation to one’s life.


But enough with theories and dreams.
Shall we?
Below we have come up with a list of our favorite casinos worldwide. Some of the most fascinating casinos are here and we welcome you to bring your own to the table. (Get it? Table?)



The world’s best casinos


1.Bellagio – Las Vegas

Bellagio is often known as the “place where dreams come true”. Steve Wynn, the mind behind the casino, describes it as “the place where you feel you have money in your pocket, you feel like you didn’t work for nothing, you feel that you’re living your life”. Not entirely inspiring or accurate, but that is a nice way of putting it, Steve, thanks a lot! Bellagio was built at a cost of $88 million, being one of the most popular and well-known casinos in the world; “Ocean’s 11” and “Ocean’s 12” were shot inside the casino, with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and dozens of Hollywood stars taking in the wealth vibe. The experience in Bellagio is complete with the help of over 2.500 gaming tables and slot machines that offer a variety from which players can choose. Life gets an extra boost of joy and color through the artesian fountains that offer a spectacular show, immersive flashing lights and splendid fireworks. A true show that has the capacity to carry us into a fantastic world. If you’re ever there, make sure you drop us a line and let us know how it was.


2.The Venetian Macao – China

The place where instead of being in China, you feel like you’re in Venice. You can even go for a ride in the gondola, as the San Luca canal system is built right inside the casino. (How cool is that?) The Venetian Macao is the big brother to its sister from Las Vegas. It has more than 530.000 square feet of casino floor with different themes, fascinating in their unique way. Another interesting fact about this casino is that the ceiling is painted in the colors of the sky, which is very surprising for most visitors. Pretty amazing actually even if you just look at it via Google. (Do it now!) So if you want to look at the sky while avoiding the heat from outside, The Venetian is the place to be, since they have air conditioning. #Obviously. With over 500 game tables and 3400 slots machines, The Venetian has everything that can fulfill your gambling experience. It is the world’s largest casino after all.



3.Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas

Jay Sorno, the casino’s creator, had an impressive vision building this casino-hotel based on the architecture of the Roman Empire. It brings a part of the culture and history of this empire in our days. You can literally lose yourself in this casino, never wanting to go out again. Amazement at every corner is the name of the game. The name of one of the games, naturally. Inside the Caesar’s you’ll find “The Forum”, which has an impressive 636.000-square-foot shopping mall. It is known as the highest grossing mall in the U.S. which really says something. The mall itself is actually a museum because it contains many replica statues of famous fountains like “The Fall of Atlantis” which uses special effects to tell the adventures that took place in Atlantis. There’s something to do, learn and stare at at every corner. Also, you probably didn’t know this, but a Julius Caesar statue awaits and greets guests inside the casino. It’s pretty awesome. This statue symbolizes luck for incoming gamblers, even though it is said that a lot of the games have little to do with luck. Poker or Blackjack for example. Caesar’s Palace has a variety of impressive table games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat or Pai Gow. If you don’t know the rules for of them, don’t worry, you will learn them quickly. Moreover, it features a massive 4.500 square-foot 24-hours poker room and a lot of slot machines as well. If you’re in the big city, you should visit the Caesar’s Palace and spend some money there. Maybe win some money too. Either way, the experience should be glorious.


4.Casino Monte Carlo – Monaco

The figure of James Bond has inspired this casino. With its Belle Epoque architecture, this one connects gamblers not just from Europe, but from the entire world. This casino is all about elegance and finesse. They won’t let you in if you’re wearing sandals instead of proper shoes, for example. Trust us, we’ve tried it at some point. The attention to details is increased to create a remarkable experience for gamblers of all types, ages and backgrounds. Here you can find a fine selection of games like French Roulette, Trente et Quarante and Poker Texas Hold’em Ultimate. Monte Carlo Casino is easily described by three words – entertainment, thrills and surprises. Oh, and one more: greatness.


5.Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden – Germany

Radiant and full of life, Casino Baden-Baden was inspired by the Palace of Versailles and its surroundings. Baden-Baden is a beautiful combination of corinthian style and neo-classical architecture. It is a true masterpiece to be seen, admired and gazed at. If you’re a gambler or just a visitor taking pictures, you should bring your suit or your dress because they insist on being elegant and stylish. Much like all larger-than-life classy casinos, they are sticklers for etiquette. We need to respect that. But hey, if you are on vacation let’s say and don’t have a suit with you, no worries, you can rent. The casino is renting jackets that you can wear for a small fee. Baden-Baden has successfully created a climate of creativity and relaxation over the years. And it has earned the reputation of being one of those locations you remember for the rest of your life. They have over 150 slots games and 2.200 square-feet of table games. Basically, they have everything and they are not afraid to show it.

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