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Features To Look For In An App For Kids With Autism

15 Jan 2020 Developer News
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Autism spectrum disorder is a disorder that affects how children interact and communicate. Parents are always looking for new tools that will help their children with autism, live a better life. Thanks to modern technology, it is now easier than ever to become informed on ways that will improve their child’s quality of life. Of the most effective tools you can use at home, are apps on an iPad or cell phone. There are plenty of choices to choose from which will benefit your child’s development. The question is which features should one look for when selecting the appropriate app for your child with autism. It’s important to provide a child on the autism spectrum with structure and maintain consistency; you’ll want to encourage skills through motivating children with positive reinforcement.  There are ways to improve children’s social development and enhance their confidence and security. If you are a parent struggling to navigate through daily challenges, then click here to discover the apps that will improve your child’s quality of life, as well as your own. Parents will find this a fun learning experience they can enjoy with their child, and they will find communication with their child much easier.


The following are the features to look for in apps that will help children with autism:


Interactive Puzzles with Mental Imagery Therapy (MITA)

This type of feature is helpful to develop a child’s language and listening skills; children will learn to follow the verbal instructions to complete the puzzle. The difficulty level can be adjusted based on your child’s skill. This technique is also used in speech therapy and pivotal response training.


Card Visuals

This feature is commonly used in Japanese classrooms after Japan developed it as a way to enhance communication. Apps that feature card visuals will not only help your child’s IT skills, but will also help them associate words with visuals.


Pro Tip: Look for apps that have customized options wherein you can create your own card visuals and use your own verbal prompts to match; therefore you can communicate through the language of your choice.


Tracing, Hand and Eye Coordination

Apps that feature assistance with physical development are just as vital as those which support communication. Look for apps that encourage your children to use their motor skills, as well as simply providing mental stimulation. Features such as tracing, enabling hand and eye coordination, and other physical activities on an app can help your child to follow non-verbal cues and encourage them with active independence. It’s imperative that a parent does some research before purchasing any app, and one should definitely consider the reviews on each and discuss with other parents what has helped their child. You want to ensure your child is getting the best care and sufficient tools to enhance their motor skills, improve their understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication, and help them express their needs. You’ll want them to have the resources that teach them how to understand situations both logically and emotionally. It’s also recommended that parents check apps themselves before introducing them to their children.

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