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Simple Ways To Test Your Vocabulary Online

05 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Whether you’ve been fluent in a language your whole life, or are working on learning a new one, it is important to stay on top of your vocabulary. Vocabulary in itself is the most important form of communication with others, as it can allow us to explain our ideas in either grand and fancy terms or simplify it with basic terms. Having a wide vocabulary helps, as it can be applied to a variety of situations. Regular conversation requires basic vocabulary, while formal academic writing requires more professional vocabulary.


In order to perfect your vocabulary, it is recommended that you practice and test it just like you would any other skills. Now, when people hear the word test, they panic and think of formal testing, however you can test your vocabulary in an easy and fun way without even realizing how much you are improving. You can even make a game out of it. By testing your vocabulary online, you’ll soon be speaking at a much higher level and be able to write clear and concise academic papers if needed for education. Don’t let all the slang of today’s world bring you down.


Here are several ways that you can test your vocabulary online.


Scrabble and Similar Games

When people think of games like scrabble and words with friends, they don’t associate it with an ability to perfect and master your vocabulary. These two games are some of the best ways that you can improve your vocabulary. Scrabble and words with friends are games where you place words on the board for points. The longer your word and the more difficult consonants you use in the word, the more points you score. Scrabble can be quite difficult however due to having unscramble words. Articles from Unscramble.Online talk about the benefits of being able to unscramble words and the skills it brings to young children looking to develop their vocabulary. It teaches how to approach unscrambling words and how to recognize patterns to form new words. When starting off with Scrabble, you might find it very frustrating, especially if you have a small word vocabulary, but with a lot of practice and work, you will quickly find yourself not only beating your friends but mastering your language along the way. Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Kickstart your vocabulary online by challenging your friends to Scrabble and words with friends.

Online Reading

With e-books becoming more and more of a thing in society, you can now take reading away from a physical book and instead move it to online devices. What better way to test and improve your vocabulary than a book itself? Many websites now offer e-books that allow you to read the book online and even e-readers can be purchased to allow you to take your online books wherever you go. Reading is determined to be one of the top ways to improve and test your vocabulary. If you come across any words that you are unsure of, you can quickly search the word up online and then add it to your dictionary. Books are not a chore either. With so many topics and genres to choose from, you can choose a book that you truly find interesting. Sometimes a night in with a book can be one of the most relaxing things. Keep your vocabulary skills up and keep testing yourself with new words by reading books online.


Participate in Online Forums

While reading is a great way to learn new words, they don’t fully become part of your vocabulary until you begin to use them regularly. There are plenty of forums online that you can participate in to practice your writing skills, because as they say practice makes perfect. The amazing thing about forums, is how numerous they are and how they cover such a vast range of topics. Just like books, you can find a forum about one of your passions and begin discussing it online with others around the world. Test yourself by attempting to use words that are outside your normal vocabulary list so you can begin to add those to your list as well. These forums can be a great outlet to not only discuss your passions, but also put your vocabulary to the test.


Testing vocabulary does not have to be a tedious or a stressful thing. The best way to incorporate it into your daily life would be to get involved in your areas of interest and through games. When carrying out these activities, you won’t feel the stress of learning, therefore allowing you to continually learn. The extent of your vocabulary is important, so ensure that you give it the daily practice it needs.

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