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Most Loved Work Time Tracker Features

06 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Time tracking
Time tracking

Companies that are using time tracking software have seen a lot of good coming out of it. From increased productivity, better output, more accurate attendance, to the most accurate billings and payments. So, it’s not really surprising that more businesses are deciding to implement a work time tracker  every day. To show you some of the reasons why companies are taking this route, we’ve compiled a list of features they love the most, because we’re sure you’ll love them as well.


Attendance Sheets

A time tracking software usually comes with a clock in/out feature. Meaning you’ll be able to track everyone's attendance without even being in the office. The attendance sheets aren’t just good for tracking attendance, they’re a great ally when it comes to accurate payments of your hourly workers, as well as payments of overtime hours. In some cases you can set up a pay rate and overtime rate for every employee, so the software will automatically calculate how much you have to pay them.


Productivity Tracking

Not every work time tracker will have this option, but those who have are a step above all others. When tracking productivity, the software requires you to label apps and sites employees use as productive or unproductive. Then, by tracking the usage of these apps and sites, the tracker automatically calculates productivity on an individual, as well as on the team level.

Productivity tracking usually comes hand in hand with useful reports which show you productivity trends and timelines.


Access Levels

This also isn’t a “must” feature, but it’s certainly the one employers enjoy very much. Having access level option means you, your managers and employees will have different views once you log into the dashboard. Admins (you) will be able to see and edit everything, managers can see their teams and have limited editing options, while employees can only see the data about them. Yet, there is a fourth option called client login. This gives your clients gated access about the data on their projects only. They won’t be able to see any other data, and they won’t need to call you every day to see how the projects are coming up.


Cloud-Based Dashboard

There are very few software options today that aren’t connected to the cloud. The same goes for work time trackers. While the agents your employees are using to track time aren’t cloud-based, the dashboard is. It means you can login from any device, anywhere in the world, and still see the data software collected on your employees. If you need to travel for work frequently, or if you’re a remote owner running a remote team this feature is essential.


Ease of Installation

Can you imagine installing software on every device in your office separately? It’s an action that could waste you a lot of time. So, you should either look for a time tracking software in which you can invite employees through email to install the software. Or, find the one where you can use an active directory to install the tool on every device at once.

Setting up the options also falls into this category - the simpler the better.


Wrap Up

There are many other features and benefits of time trackers, but after speaking with companies who are using it, we’ve realized that these 5 features are definitely what every business owner loves. Maybe some of them won’t have any use to you, and that’s fine. The point of finding the best software is in finding the one that suits all your needs, and brings good value for money. Good luck finding it!

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