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iGMS Vacation Rental App Review: Virtual Helper for Rental Management

20 Jul 2020 Developer News
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Vacation rental apps

The vacation rental industry has been growing at a rapid rate in the last few years, making it extremely lucrative for many hosts and property managers who have decided to become a part of it. Thanks to new integrated apps and software solutions, short-term rental owners can now grow their business in a cost-efficient way and handle all industry challenges with ease.

What Is iGMS?

iGMS is a vacation rental management software that helps hosts keep track of and successfully manage all their vacation rental properties. It is specifically developed for vacation rental owners and property managers, as well as property management team members, to help with handling day-to-day tasks and automating parts of their vacation rental business.

How Can iGMS Improve Vacation Rental Business Management?

While increasing the occupancy rate is the most reliable means of running a successful vacation rental business, it shouldn’t be at the cost of customer satisfaction. And, although guest experience should be a top priority for hosts, it also shouldn’t be at the cost of the profitability of their businesses.

This is where the iGMS vacation rental software comes in handy. Investing in iGMS can help hosts simultaneously automate parts of their business in a rewarding way and stay in control of all the processes. Thanks to its advanced features developed with hosts’ needs and business requirements in mind, you can now expedite your daily tasks and efficiently collocate the workload.

What Are the Key Features of iGMS Vacation Rental Software?

iGMS vacation rental software is of great help when it comes to growing your business while boosting the guest experience thanks to its useful features:

●Automated guest messaging and communication

To establish your presence within the short-term rental market, you must offer a five-star guest experience. To do this, prompt replies to inquiries and guest questions are a must. With iGMS, hosts and property managers can easily keep track of all guest communication with the automated messaging feature.

This includes: creating templates, setting up automation for specific templates, and customizing your messages with template variables. In addition to handling communication with guests who’ve booked a property via Airbnb, Vrbo/HomeAway,, etc., hosts can contact guests who’ve made a reservation directly via a business website, Facebook, messenger, or any other medium.

●Chanel manager and multiple accounts management

This feature will help you stay in full control of all your listings and avoid double-bookings if you have listings on multiple travel sites. iGMS offers native integration with Airbnb, and websites from the Vrbo/HomeAway family. To manage listings on other vacation rental websites, you can use the iCal option to synchronize your calendars’ info and data. All you need to do is choose the right platform to list your property on.

●Cleaning services and team management

This feature allows for scheduling tasks, assigning them to your team members, and staying up to date on their status, while repetitive tasks can be assigned automatically. It also allows for cleaning tasks to be automated—assigned cleaners will receive a notification about tasks via email, a text message, or the mobile app.

●Reviews automation

With the iGMS review management feature, hosts can create personalized review templates and publish them automatically via software. This saves a lot of time and helps hosts to get more reviews from guests in return.

●Financial reports

iGMS offers four financial reports in a comprehensible format so that property owners and managers can better understand their business performance.

  • Payouts report—allows hosts to use specific filters to search for income information, and see their profits.
  • Reservations report—provides detailed information on paid-out reservations and itinerary data.
  • Monthly Revenue report—provides insights into your vacation rental listings individually so you can assess their performance throughout a month.
  • Tasks report—shows the total number of cleaning tasks performed and hours worked.

●Key management automation

iGMS offers integration with Keycafe that allows for self-check-in and checkout. With iGMS vacation rental software, hosts can manage key exchanges for all their properties from a single account with ease. What’s more, hosts will receive notifications in real-time via app or text message when the keys are accessed.

iGMS Pros and Cons


  • iGMS automates routine tasks and helps hosts to save time and cut down on operational expenses;
  • It helps hosts to scale their business;
  • It provides all the essential tools for managing a vacation rental business remotely;
  • iGMS eliminates the possibility of human error;
  • It helps to stay on top of your business requirements and keep track of all assigned tasks.


  • There’s no website builder at the moment.

However, thanks to a new special feature, you can communicate with guests who’ve booked with you directly via a Facebook page, Instagram, messengers, business website, or any other medium.

How to get the iGMS app?

The iGMS vacation rental app was developed for both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store as well as Google Play store.


The iGMS vacation rental app is a great solution for renting out vacation homes and managing all processes involved. It is easy to use and available as a desktop or mobile app, so you can access it from any place at any time.

If you’re interested to learn more, visit, and apply for a free trial. You will also find an extensive blog section on the website, with loads of industry-related topics useful for short-term business owners, as well as company updates and news.

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