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The 5 Best Football Betting Apps In The US

27 Jun 2021 Developer News
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Football betting is increasingly becoming a serious hobby for many in the US. Some are even getting fat paydays using their analytical mindset. Football betting is as lucrative as it’s intense. In this article, we’re going to discuss football betting in the US as well as the best apps to do that from.

Football betting basics

Football betting is elusive work. It’s not just about:

  • Your knowledge about the game, its rules, and its history; and
  • Sheer analytical talents.

The bookmakers set the lines and odds in such a way that finding value becomes very hard. Only a very small fraction of people manage to grab each opportunity and make profits consistently.

Betting in and of itself is an intrinsic quality. It might not have to do anything with your knowledge of the sport itself.

Finding value in odds and placing the right bets in football is a skill that you develop after months or even years of betting.

  1. It’s okay to lose bets.
  2. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose when just starting out.
  3. Don’t rely solely on your sports knowledge.
  4. Historical data can be a better alternative to knowledge initially.

Best 5 betting apps in 2021

The best betting apps in the US include:

  1. Betway Sports: Good welcome bonus, easy to use, beginner-friendly.
  2. Bovada: Highly trusted, very safe, and highly user-friendly.
  3. MyBookie: Great interface and navigation, a large variety of payment options, and a very active social community.
  4. Betaway: Plenty of promotions all year round, cryptocurrencies accepted, fast and secure payouts.
  5.     Sbobet: Renowned sports betting website, offers a wide selection of events and leagues to bet on, instant deposits, and fast withdrawals.

Advantages of football betting apps

Football betting apps are a fast and secure way of betting on your favorite teams and events. They also have push notifications so you don’t miss your time slots. Most sports betting apps make finding information very fast.

In fact, one of the most important considerations in our review is always to check how easy it is to find odds and any related data that might help you make a profit. The top 5 apps we’ve mentioned allow you to find all this information quickly so you can make better decisions.

Given that there is a learning curve, betting on football also has its perks. For once, after you’ve figured out how to find value by reading between the lines (and odds), it becomes increasingly less sophisticated. Betting becomes even more flexible and more often than not, you’re able to ascertain and choose your profits. It’s also likely that football betting on an app will prepare you for other types of betting, and you’ll be able to find opportunities elsewhere as well or graduate to higher-level professional football later on.

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