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Bowling Paradise for iPad is an amazing bowling experience

08 Apr 2013 Developer News
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Bowling Paradise for iPad is an amazing bowling experience

InnoLab has announced Bowling Paradise 2.2 for iOS, an update to their innovative, 3D bowling simulation game for 1 to 4 players. With a powerful physics engine, the interactive game computes the effects of velocity, angle, spin, collision, and gravity for both the bowling ball and pins. Players have full control over the ball's initial placement behind the foul line, its velocity and direction on release, and left or right spin as it travels towards the pins. Bowling Paradise includes 8 exotic lane locations/styles, including undulating lanes and those in outer space where the ball flies onto lane.

Bowling Paradise is a fun, unique 3D Bowling Game for everyone.

New in this release:

  • * Beautiful fireworks for all locations at the end of each game (The higher the score the better the fireworks)
  • * 3 levels in CPU mode: Easy, Challenging, Hard-to-win

Feature Highlights:

Eight unique, bowling lanes in beautiful locations:

  1. Dome - deluxe, regulation lane with animated disco lights and ball return
  2. Beach - bamboo lane on a tropical beach with animated, azure ocean 
  3. Garden - onyx lane in a formal garden with an animated waterfall
  4. Slope - downhill, tanzanite lane with gentle wave-like surface with animated butterflies
  5. Camping - hardwood lane at night under the stars with animated campfire
  6. Space - sci-fi motif in outer space with ball release that flies onto the lane
  7. Mushroom - African yellow opal lane in an Alice in Wonderland world with animated, psychedelic sky
  8. Lights - redwood lane in an oriental, art deco palace with animated, holographic lighting

Bowling Paradise offers 3 playing modes: Single Player, Play Against the iDevice, or Pass & Play with 2, 3, or 4 players. After selecting a location, gameplay begins. A regulation score sheet appears at the top of the screen and all scoring is automatic. The initial position of the ball behind the foul line is controlled by moving the ball left or right. To throw, players swipe the ball toward the pins, and the speed and direction of the swipe determines the velocity and path of the ball.

  • Realistic physics engine provides an accurate simulation of real bowling
  • 3 different player modes - single player, play against CPU, or pass and play with up to 4 players competing in a game
  • Add spin to the moving ball by swiping left or right, tilting your device, or any combination of these actions
  • High-resolution graphics for Retina display compatibility
  • 2 camera-viewing modes - moving camera follows ball down the lane or two fixed cameras cut from long shot to close-up
  • 10 bowling pin sets to choose from - players can select up to 10 sets, one for each frame
  • 10 custom balls - players can select up to 10 different bowling balls, one for each frame
  • Animated, multicolor motion-trail as the ball goes down the lane
  • Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements

There is also a FREE version “Bowling Paradise FREE” which has three exciting locations for bowling.

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