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Apple makes spending money a whole lot easier

19 Mar 2015 News
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Apple makes spending money a whole lot easier

Thanks to Apple Pay it seems customers are now spending more money than ever before and it is quickly becoming the top way to pay at a number of top retailers. According to a report by Fortune, Apple Pay is being offered through 2,500 different credit card issuers and is available at over 700,000 stores. It's making a connection between online retail and mobile devices the likes of which have never been seen. 

Fancy, a crowd-curated catalog store, is one such location that is seeing the benefits of Apple Pay. "It's not only driving more purchases but activating our biggest spenders," states Joe Einhorn, Fancy's CEO. It has transformed as well and is now the top payment method used according to Prat Vemana, who is in charge of the company's e-commerce business. It seems as though Apple Pay is accounting for 30 percent of all transactions.

The list of retailers benefiting from the convenience of Apple Pay continues to grow as the card catches on in popularity. There doesn't seem to be much of a concern about fraud either and it's not popping up in any conversations.

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