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How To Choose Your First Vape Kit? A Beginner’s Guide!

20 Jan 2023 News
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Deciding to finally take the leap and swap your tobacco for a vape kit can be challenging. Stepping the first step into a vape shop or browsing products online is often overwhelming. However, investing time and money is essential to ensure you purchase the right vape that suits your needs. 

These days, enormous starter pod vape kits are available on the market. They require little or zero fuss to operate. So, make your smoking cessation easy. This blog will give you comprehensive detail on what factors you should consider before purchasing your first vape kit!

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Figure Out Your Vaping Requirements:

One of the prime things to consider is your current smoking habits. This factor will impact your needs for vaping. You may choose the best vape starter kit, like the Voopoo pod kit, by considering various aspects, such as your daily cigarette consumption and preferred brand.

New vapers should educate themselves on the fact that all vapes fall into two categories. DTL (Direct-to-Lung) and MTL (Mout-to-Lung). First, when you pull on the vape before taking a breath, MTL vaping is preferred. Anyone who smokes cigarettes will recognise this as one of the most common. 

DTL vaping, on the other hand, is utilised when you like to breathe the vapour directly into your lungs. So your initial decision, which is quite crucial, should be between MTL and DTL.

Choose The Right Vape Kit:

There are a lot of different vape devices that you can choose from. You need to also search for popular brands with many different shapes and sizes of pod devices for you to pick from. Nowadays, one of the leading ones is Innokin vape starter kits! Vape kits from Innokin are one of a kind and quite popular among newbies due to their compact design and portability. 

Although all vaping devices perform the same function, each vape starter kit has a different design, components, battery life, and other features. As a result, there are typically two different devices advised to start with if you are an ex-smoker and new to vaping. The simplest replacements are vape pens and e-cigarettes.

Disposable vapes are a new hype in the vaping industry. They are considered one of the best options for new vapers due to their sleek design, zero maintenance, and portability. You can also choose them in different colours to do vaping elegantly. 

Go For E-liquids As Per Your Taste Profile:

One last thing to consider is the type of e-juice you prefer for your pod vape kits. The selection of e-liquids depends on your taste profile. It will feel unusual to switch from smoking to flavoured liquid when you are used to smoking. But happily, many options are available; you can even choose tobacco-flavoured e-liquids to satisfy your nicotine needs. Additionally, you can decide how much nicotine you want. Finally, you can develop various strengths that can aid your shift and adjust them over time.

Last Words!

If you are new to vaping and struggling to quit smoking, you should be careful when choosing your first vape kit. Innokin Starter vape kits and several other pod vape kits are a go-to solution as they come with convenient features that are helpful for vapers to quit smoking. 

Wo, why are you holding back? Get your hands on your favourite starter vape kit, and improve your vaping session!

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