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Piggy-Back.Me app review

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I am very impressed with this app. The idea is simple - Secure cloud storage of my phone contacts that allows me to access them when needed from any other device.
I was worried at first about storing contact info in the cloud, however I contacted the developer from the contact form in the app (who replied within minutes I might add) who outlined the stored contact information is being stored in one of Australia's most secure data centres (Servers Australia) on a dedicated server. For the sake of this review I checked them out - and confirmed with them this information. They likewise responded very promptly confirming this.
I followed the simple instructions, creating an account using my phone number, and password as requested... After completing this the app opened a page with two simple options... Store my contacts or view my contacts. 
Clicking on 'store my contacts' it opened up what looks like the standard iOS contacts page where I could choose any or all of my contacts. By hitting the + in a circle to SAVE at the top of the screen I decided to save all my contacts. Easy.
To test the app, I had a friend download it as well where I logged in by entering my phone number again, whereby it asked me for the answer to my secret question I chose when registering. After entering my answer I again was taken to the page showing the store my contacts or view my contacts options. When I clicked on view my contacts, they opened again like the standard Iowa's contact page with all my contacts listed... Just like I was using my own phone.
This concept is fantastic, as there have been many times I have either been without my phone or where my phone has died and I have needed to contact somebody, whose information is stored solely on my phone. Without this app I would have no way of contacting them. With it, I can, as they say in the app information given by the developer 'piggyback' anyone else's phone to access the contact information I need.

At he moment the app is only available in iOS but the developer states the Android version is in the making.
This is a good app that gets my thumbs up!