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Love Quotes app review: find and share thoughts and feelings with loved ones



When you find that special someone you're thinking about them all the time, and you want to share those feelings but the words won't come, that's where the Love Quotes app becomes your Cyrano De Bergerac.

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This app provides you with the exact right thing to say to the person you love and sweep them off their feet. It's a wonderful thought, and I know there are many love-lorn people out there who could really benefit from Love Quotes.

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What to Say and How to Say It

At its heart the Love Quotes app is really just a time saver. It collects love-related images and quotes from around the web and puts them in the palm of your hand. Each quote is categorized for ease of use. You can find funny quotes, flirty quote, romantic quotes, or whatever suits your need at that moment. You can browse by category or color. The color option seems strange at first but it refers to the background color of the photos that the quotes are placed over, or in some cases the color of the text.

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Finding what you're looking for is extremely easy, just tap on the category and the quotes populate in groups of four on-screen. Just swipe left or right to preview the images, and once you are ready to share your sentiments just tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen and the option to email, or post on Twitter and Facebook appears. You can even send the images via text to get your feelings known as soon as possible. 


My Love Comes With Advertising

As simple as Love Quotes is, the app is heavy with pop-ups. Advertising isn't uncommon with free apps; in fact, it's kind of expected. What isn't expected is that when I send my selected image via text or email and Love Quotes automatically includes an ad promoting the app.

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I understand when posting to Facebook including a link to the app, but in a private text or email? To me that's overkill. After sending the text if my girlfriend had asked where I got it I would immediately tell her. Instead I got questioned why I would send her an ad after sending something so sweet. But I guess developers have to do what they have to do to get their app out there.


Love Quotes” Daily Calendar


Pros and Cons


  • Finding romantic sentiments in any category made easy
  • Search by color or category
  • You can share by email, text, Facebook, and Twitter




  • App is plagued with pop ups
  • When sending Love Quote via text or email an ad for the app is automatically included


Final Thoughts

Love Quotes does what it sets out to do, and if you don't mind the included advertising or the in-app pop-ups you may want to give it a try.


Love Quotes” Daily Calendar

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Matthew MacCallum

Matthew MacCallum is an award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and comedian. He is a lifelong Apple products user and has vowed never to seek help for his App addiction.