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Marlee Signs app review: learn sign language from Marlee Matlin-2021



When it comes to well-known spokespeople in the hearing impaired community there is no one as well-known as Marlee Matlin. Now you can learn to sign with the Marlee Signs app in which Matlin, who is an Academy Award winning deaf actress, leads you through all the basics.

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In this sign language app you will learn how to sign not only the alphabet but also basic words and expressions so you can carry on a conversation.

This ASL app runs on devices with iOS 8.0 or later with support of up to iOS 14.0 and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app for the deaf will need 109.8 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download and install. Check out our best sign language apps list for more options.

Marlee Signs


Learn Through Video

All instruction in the app is done through educational videos led by Matlin. It is meant to "teach you the fundamentals of ASL." This is a stress-free, comfortable, and convenient way to learn how to sign. There is no need to sign up for an expensive class and be sure to set aside time to attend each week/month. Instead you can learn on your schedule, when it works best for you.

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It should be noted that the extra signing packages are available for a cost of $1.99 each and include such things as the Around Town Lessons, Home Lesson Pack, Baby Signs Lesson, and more. If you plan on signing on a regular daily basis, it's probably well worth investing in the additional packages.

I was actually surprised to find such a big well-known actress in an app but then when you think about the fact that she is such an advocate in the hearing impaired community it makes perfect sense.

Learn Through Video image

User-Friendly Instruction

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about sign language I have to say this app is extremely easy to use and follow along with. The signs are very clear and easy to follow and you have the ability to share them by Facebook, Twitter, or even save the image to your library. If you find the video is moving too fast you can slow it down.

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In the free version you are given quite a few videos to watch and learn from plus the entire alphabet. This makes for an excellent start. But as stated above if you plan on signing on a regular daily basis the free lessons won’t be enough. Think of the free version as a way to try the app out and see if they instructional videos are something you enjoy.

The user interface is clean, uncluttered, and very simple. I really like how easy everything is to find and the fact that each page isn’t covered in ads. The video quality is also very good with all the images appearing sharp and clear. People around the world seem to enjoy this sign language app. 

User-Friendly Instruction image

Marlee Signs


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Video instructions are simple and easy to follow
  • The free version provides a great starting point of the basics of sign language
  • Clean and uncluttered user interface
  • The ability to share


  • Not all videos are offered for free; this is just the basics

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Marlee Signs app is a user-friendly, clean, and simple approach to learning sign language. Everything about the app feels professional and results in a wonderful educational platform.

Marlee Signs

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