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KELOLAND Storm Tracker app review: stylishly presented weather forecasts in the palm of your hand-2020



If you’re looking for a weather forecasting app that breaks the mold but still manages to deliver accurate and up-to-date reports for your local area, then look no further than KELOLAND Storm Tracker with its stylish black interface and seven-day forecasts.  Download the KELOLAND Storm Tracker app for fast, accurate local and national weather at your fingertips. With its personal kelo weather app alert notifications, you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and when to take cover.

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This app offers some pretty standard forecasting functionality and doesn’t exactly go above and beyond what is being offered by some apps which can provide up to 10 or even 14 days worth of prediction, but it does offer an alternative to the very repetitious weather apps which largely populate the App Store.

This is a great app so I would definitely recommend checking it out and giving it a run for its money!  See our best storm alert apps list.

KELO Weather – South Dakota forecasts and radar from KELOLAND


Extensive Weather Forecasting

I don’t mean to labor the point of the interface but it really is quite refreshing to see that the developer has taken the initiative to offer users something a little different both in terms of the design and elements and overall layout of the app itself.

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You’ll find all of the usual weather information you’d hope to find in an app of this kind, including high and low temperatures, chance of precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, and much more, and these details can be accessed across a variety of different timeframes. 

The KELO LAND Storm Tracker app utilizes the most advanced radar maps, weather and digital technology available. With its easy to use interactive radar, you can take control and see where the storm is now and where it is tracking in one keloland app.

If you need detailed predictions of today’s weather then the Hourly section should more than suffice, but if you’re looking for a longer-term forecast then you’ll definitely want to check out the three- and seven-day forecasts which are available in a couple of different visual formats.

Extensive Weather Forecasting image

Detailed Radar Map Imagery

If you prefer a more visual approach then you’ll be pleased to know that there is extensive radar map imagery within this app, with both local and national coverage, and providing visible and infrared satellite cloud imagery for the utmost detail.

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This app will also use your device’s integrated GPS in order to determine your current location and immediately begin delivering weather forecasts for your local area. You can also specify a different location by searching according to either your city or ZIP code.

Detailed Radar Map Imagery image

KELO Weather – South Dakota forecasts and radar from KELOLAND


Pros and Cons


  • Reliable weather reporting for your local area across a variety of timeframes and available in different visual formats
  • Radar map imagery with satellite cloud imagery overlays
  • Local forecasts from the Keloland meteorologist
  • Interface offers a refreshing change from the more commonly used designs within the Weather category of the App Store


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Residents of Keloland and the surrounding areas are going to absolutely relish what this app has to offer, but with its national coverage I really think that KELOLAND Storm Tracker should do a great job for anyone else across the United States.

If you’re need of a weather app that you can really depend upon then, well, you’ve found it!

KELO Weather – South Dakota forecasts and radar from KELOLAND

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