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How It Works app review: get your favorite periodical on the go



I read an unhealthy amount of news and periodicals and I love reading them on my iPhone. Now How It Works, one of my personal favorite magazines, has an app!

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Everything you wanted to know on how anything works you have on the go to read at your leisure without having to lug the hard copy of the magazine along with you.

How It Works Magazine: Science and technology for curious minds


Subscription Needed

Although the How It Works app is free, to view the content you'll need a subscription. You have a number of ways to do this: each issue is for $3.99 for the latest, past issues are $8.99, or year subscriptions are $36.99. A subscription includes past issues.

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The decision is up to you; just keep in mind if you do a per-issue subscription the price will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account. This is a simple fix by just going into your Settings and shutting off the Subscription tab. You can do this at any time before 24 hours before the next issue is due to come out, which is a great option if you decide this periodical is not for you.

That being said, the How It Works app is incredible. If you are unfamiliar with the magazine its content is exactly what the title says. From the human body, to any machine or technology out there, How It Works will explain to the layperson the inner workings of all of it. The app does just the same in all its full-resolution glory. The images in this app are gorgeous and easy to navigate, so as you're reading you can review the corresponding images on the fly.

How It Works app's interface is as good, if not better, than any other periodical app you have in your Newsstand. The text and graphics work seamlessly together; it's rare to find an app for a magazine that goes above and beyond the already-great content included in their hard copy. 


Easy To Find And It's Not In The Way

The How It Works app tucks nicely into the Newsstand on your device, not cluttering up your iPhone or iPad's desktop for ease of reading. If you are new to How It Works then you will find "ease of reading" the perfect explanation of its content. What could seem as a difficult piece of technology or concept to grasp, How It Works breaks it down so anyone can understand it.

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The real benefit of this app is the ability to read it when you want, and where you want without embarrassment. Not saying there's anything wrong with reading How It Works (I read it all the time), but regardless of how far the "geek chic" movement has come we nerds still have that self-conscious feeling whenever we are reading our favorite magazines or comics in public. Now you can sit safely on public transit without that cute guy or girl you're making furtive eye contact with knowing exactly what you are reading.


How It Works Magazine: Science and technology for curious minds


Pros and Cons


  • The latest and past issues of How It Works with you whenever you want
  • App tucks easily into your Newsstand 
  • Text and graphics work extremely well together to provide a better and more interactive experience over the hard copy
  • You can stop your subscription anytime you want



  • Subscription could seem to be a little pricey


Final Thoughts

If you love the How It Works magazine, then the app is a must-have! If you are a fan of any other magazines of this type the How It Works app is definitely worth a look. It has an exceptional graphic user interface (GUI) and above-average reporting. This app captures perfectly the latest edition of the periodical for you to have on the fly, and at a $3.99 price point for each issue it is much less than the $7.99 you would pay for the hard copy. 


How It Works Magazine: Science and technology for curious minds

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Matthew MacCallum

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