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Mosaic Photo Books app review: take your favorite photos from your device to create a distinct album



We all have photos on our device that we would love to turn into hard copies and collect into an album. The Mosaic Photo Books app provides you the ability to do just that. 

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The Mosaic Photo Books app is a free download; however, once you have created your album it is $18 plus shipping, per copy, to have it created and shipped to your home. The developers of Mosaic Photo Books have provided you all the tools so you will get the exact album you want, and the fact that you are creating it means there will be no surprises once it reaches your doorstep.

Mosaic Photo Books by Mixbook


Get A Classy Album For Your Favorite Photos

The Mosaic Photo Books app is a great way to take your favorite photos from your device and have them collected in a single Album. Mosaic Photo Books works incredibly easily: simply go through all your pictures from your library, Facebook, Instagram, or any other website you use where you post photos. Choose the ones you want, adjust the order on the fly, create your album, and then, for a fee of $18, the staff at Mosaic will manufacture your album and send it to your door.

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The downside to this is you are limited to 20 photos per album. That being said, the cover of the album will include all 20 photos you have chosen, and each page inside will feature a beautifully rendered 8 x 10" picture. This is a great option for anyone, whether you are creating an album of family and friends or you are an artist looking to have an in-studio portfolio to show prospective clients your work.


Your Options Are Black Or White

As great as these albums look in their final form, you are limited for the color you choose for the cover and pages. Your options are black or white, and that's it. I'm sure somewhere down the line they will offer other color options, as the usage of this app will definitely grow.

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As a person who sees the benefit of this app, I would hope that some time in the future that the $18 price point per book will be negotiable. I'm not implying a per-book negotiation, but if you are ordering multiple copies for friends and family I feel that if you order 10 or more (or some other number), they should include a bulk price. 


Mosaic Photo Books by Mixbook


Pros and Cons


  • Your favorite photos collected into one hardcopy album
  • Ability to access your photos on any social network you use
  • Your photos are rendered into full 8 x10"
  • Great for families, and artists



  • Price point of $18 per copy is expensive if you are ordering in bulk
  • Only two color options (black or white) for the album matting


Final Thoughts

Mosaic Photo Books is a truly revolutionary app. It has its drawbacks, yes, but if you really stop to think about it having this ability to get hard copies of your shared photos collected in a professional-style album is a great idea. 

The time it would take to go through every photo you've ever taken and shared, download the ones you want from various social networking sites, and then take them to Walmart or your local photo developing store would take way too long and most likely the album wouldn't be half as appealing and would cost twice the price.

If you're looking to save precious photos you've taken and have them collected in one spot, then give Mosaic Photo Books a try. I don't think the final results will disappoint you.


Mosaic Photo Books by Mixbook

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