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Laguna Beach Travel Info app review: your travel companion guide



If you plan on traveling to Laguna Beach or even if you live in the area and just want to get a better understanding of what it offers you the Laguna Beach Travel Info app can provide you with all you're looking for. This app has actually won awards thanks to the amount of information it provides and the quality of it. You are given all kinds of helpful tips, advice, information, some of which is even in real-time to help you make the most of your visit.

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Your Go-To Source of Information

Consider this app your go-to source of information when it comes to Laguna Beach. The Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau has recognized it thanks to the quality and quantity of the information. Find such key things as hotel listings, a restaurant guide, real-time information on buses and trolleys using your GPS, tide tables, current weather information, a calendar of events, and even the ability to tune in to the local radio station: KX93.5.

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As someone who has never had the pleasure of traveling to Laguna Beach I could look at this app from an outsider's view and get a sense of whether or not it provided me with enough information to plan by visit. Without any shadow of doubt I can say it most certainly does offer not only enough but more than enough information.


Navigating the App

Using the app is smooth, simple, and fun thanks to how well the information is presented to users. The vast amount of information is displayed in such a user-friendly manner and I can't believe how quickly it all loads on the screen. It is literally instant so you aren’t standing around waiting for details if you’re in the middle of trying to find a dinner location or hotel to stay in.

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Each listing will give you the establishment’s name, address, contact information, Facebook page (when it applies), website, and more. You can also read a description about the place, allow you to make your own notes, add it to your Calendar, share it with your contacts, and a whole lot more.

This app actually feels like a personal planner mixed with a tour guide giving you a complete experience. Thanks to the information here there is no way you have to miss out on any festival, event, beach, attraction, or restaurant because you’ll have all the information at your fingertips.


Visit Laguna Beach


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Find information on all kinds of topics: restaurants, hotels, spas, beaches, attractions, and more
  • Share information with contacts
  • View details on the establishment



  • There aren’t a lot of pictures
  • The user interface is a bit bland-looking


Final Words

The Laguna Beach Travel Info app is certainly able to help travelers find their way around and plan their stay in Laguna Beach. I like that it can be used in advance to plan your trip and while you’re there to help you find things to do, places to see, and restaurants to visit.


Visit Laguna Beach

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