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Daily Devotion app review: helping you with your devotions



If you like to do a daily devotion or you've been wanting to add one to your routine there is a simple way to do so and that's by using the Daily Devotion app. You will find a new spiritual devotion each morning courtesy of this app that will leave you feeling grounded, inspired, and ready to start your day. The devotions are always short so you can read them in just a couple minutes or even less, which means fitting them in is no problem at all.

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Daily Devotion


Keeping You Grounded

This app is meant to keep you grounded when it comes to your devotion to God. You are given a practical, short, and spiritual devotion to read each morning, which is a great way to begin the day. These devotions can be shared with family and friends by SMS, email, and Facebook so others can have the same positive start to their day.

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You can do more than just read the daily devotion, however, you can also view all the other devotionals that are sorted by category and date. If you find yourself with more time on your hands or you just want more, this is a perfect way to do that. For those daily devotions that really move and touch you there is the ability to mark them as favorites.


Using the App

Unfortunately this app seems to be a bit unstable; a few times now it has crashed on me. In the latest update there were some bug fixes made but it looks like this one persists. The app crashes at the same spot each time and that’s when I try to access the additional features included here which are the Baptist Bible Hour radio ministry broadcasts and the website. I am unable to get either of these features to work.

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When it comes to viewing the daily devotion as well as the archived ones the process is smooth, quick, and easy, and there don't seem to be any issues here.

The app itself is very simple in its design with not many added features/tools. I do like the fact that even though it’s a free app there are no ads to take away from the devotions. There is a calendar feature that you can select and then choose any date to see what that day’s daily devotion was.


Daily Devotion


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Receive a new daily devotion each morning
  • View daily devotions from past days; select a specific day to view
  • Share devotions by email, SMS, and Facebook
  • Mark devotions as favorites
  • Devotions can be accessed by category



  • The app crashes each time I try to access the website or radio broadcasts
  • The app is extremely basic in its design and features


Final Thoughts

The Daily Devotion app provides you with a new spiritual daily devotion each morning. I like that they are so quick and simple to read and the fact that you can go back and search previous ones is great.


Daily Devotion

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