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Children's Bible Daily Prayer for your Family and School app review: an engaging experience



Are you looking to introduce and/or discuss the bible with your kids but want to do so in a way that they understand? The Children's Bible Daily Prayer for your Family and School app can help you. This app gives users a new Bible prayer each day for free, featuring over 500 prayers in 65 thematic series. The idea is that children of all ages can use this app as well as teachers and families.

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Children's Bible Daily Prayers for Family & School


Encourages Discussion

This app really hammers home the point that discussing the Bible with kids is extremely important. What an adult takes away from it can be very different from a child's perspective so it's important you talk about it. The goal of this app is to “spread the word of God” to kids in a fun, engaging, and understandable way.

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As mentioned each day the app will provide you with a daily prayer and a question about it. The question is meant to spark discussion with you and your entire family about what that prayer means. Many of the features are free in this app to use but there are some that are only available through in-app purchases, which range from $1.99 to $9.99. Additional features in the premium version include being able to access previous series and prayers, being able to set a prayer timer with a ringtone, the ability to mark prayers as favorites, and the ability to share prayers by email, Facebook, and SMS.

The app is available in a total of seven languages and each of the prayers feature big text and short quotes. This ensures that they will be read and understood each day. Besides a new prayer each day there are also new series on a weekly basis. This app can also be used offline.


Navigating the App

This app is a universal one so you can use it on each of your iDevices, which makes it that much easier to read each day's prayer. The app offers a Kids Safe Mode so that you know as your kids use it even if you aren't there to watch there is no chance they can move to external content nor can they access the in-app purchases. You will need to turn this mode on in the Settings section.

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In general users seem quite pleased although there are some who are unhappy you have to pay for anything outside of the one prayer a day.


Children's Bible Daily Prayers for Family & School


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly design and features
  • Receive one daily prayer free each and every day
  • Is a universal app
  • Features a Kids Safe Mode



  • Most of the features and functions are only available through in-app purchases
  • The user interface could do with some updating to make it feel more current and engaging


Final Words

The Children's Bible Daily Prayer for your Family and School app is really meant to give you one quick and easy to understand prayer to read and then discuss each day. In that sense it succeeds.


Children's Bible Daily Prayers for Family & School

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