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Truecaller - Global Phone Directory app review: add your number to the largest phone book in the world



Truecaller - Global Phone Directory is a brand new way to search for the numbers of friends, family and businesses around the world. Utilizing a user collaborated database, Truecaller seeks to create the most accurate and simple solution for finding and identifying phone numbers.

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A Great Concept

The whole concept of Truecaller is as cool as it is terrifying. By incorporating a user collaboration format this app compiles all the information provided by you into it's giant database to create a world wide phone book. As of right now, they have over a billion users, and can provide a comprehensive directory of land line, mobile and even pre-paid phone numbers.

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You can look up names and numbers, or even have Truecaller sync with your contacts on your phone and social media to gather their information. In some ways this could be considered a little intrusive, and a few people out there may not want all their contact information in one large data base that anyone can find. But if that were the case those people wouldn't have a phone number in the first place, and be living in a Unibomber shack in the woods.

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Discovering Who Is Viewing You Comes With A Price

That being said even I am a little skeptical in Truecaller's ability to only provide my phone number to other users and not other personal information. As your number is linked to a profile page, which includes your photo and any other information you want to enter how can they ensure your personal details won't get out there? You can't even see who's viewed your profile in the free version, that only comes with the purchase of a premium membership. Which can range from $2.99 for a month to $16.99 for a six month membership. 

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Discovering Who Is Viewing You Comes With A Price image



Pros & Cons


  • Has the potential to be the most accurate world wide phone directory
  • Search the phone numbers of over 1 billion users across the globe


  • Some people may be turned off due to the ease of access to their personal information
  • Cannot see who has viewed your profile without a premium membership
  • Not a  call blocking app where you can block numbers from the directory
  • Prices for a premium membership are steep

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Final Thoughts

I am on the fence when it comes to the Truecaller - Global Phone Directory app. Sure it is a great idea, and I'm quite sure the developers are seeking to provide everyone with an amazing new way to search phone numbers. At the same time with all the concerns regarding telemarketing and identity theft around the globe, Truecaller could end up being a great information gathering tool for these people. Which goes against everything this app should be about, but unfortunately with the way the digital world works this is a valid issue. This is not one of the best free phone call apps for information gathering purposes and might become an overall nuisance to users. 


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