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Times Tables Quiz app review: become a math genius



If you think you're an expert when it comes to times tables then you may be in for a surprise. The Times Tables Quiz! app will take you through a series of multiplication questions that get harder as you go along. Don't be fooled, as what appears to be very simple at the start quickly gets pretty difficult! This app is not only fun but is educational as well and can be enjoyed on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. A large variety of age groups can use the app, from kids to adults.

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Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer)


Do You Have What it Takes?

So if you think you've got what it takes to be deemed a math genius it's time to give this app a try. Myself, I am no math whiz. In fact I am far from it so this one poses a challenge to me right from the start! I like that you can use this app on your own as a challenge or you can sit around and quiz your friends, adult family members, or kids. There is an element of fun here that makes you forget you're busy learning.

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The majority of user comments I have come across are surprisingly from kids in about the Grade Three to Grade Six ranges. This app is perfectly appropriate for this age range and really teaches them about the different tables.


Using the App

When you launch the app you will begin your game immediately. You are given a question and there are a number of possible answers for you to choose from so you don't have to key in any numbers. Just tap on the correct answer and as long as you're right you will advance to the next one. If you happen to answer a question incorrectly the game is over and you will be shown the correct answer. During gameplay there is a status bar across the top that is your countdown clock; you need to enter your answer before you run out of time.

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The challenge lies in how far you make it before getting a question wrong. At the top of the screen is a Best score and a Last score. This is how many questions you made it before the game ended. What I like is that level of difficulty is mixed it: doesn’t go from easy to hard. You could get a hard question, then an easy one, then a hard one again. The app is constantly trying to throw you for a loop. You have to read the question carefully and think fast.


Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer)


Pros and Cons


  • Easy gameplay
  • The difficultly level changes from question to question
  • Your best and last score displays at the top of the screen



  • You aren’t able to challenge others
  • The app doesn’t support Game Center


Final Thoughts

The Times Tables Quiz app is a great way to self-quiz on your multiplication tables. It’s a wonderful tool that can be used by students and people just wanting to brush up on their math skills. Use it on all your devices:  iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.


Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer)

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