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Kids Calculator app review:doesn't give away the answers



Kids Calculator for iPhone and iPod touch is a calculator that allows your child to see the problem aligned vertically in order to solve the answer. Not only does it allow your child to solve the problem, but it also has math practice games.

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Kids Calculator


Math Practice That's Fun

Kids Calculator is a neat app. I downloaded it for my son to help teach him long multiplication. He was in Grade Four at the time, and I don’t know what they were trying to teach him, but it wasn’t making sense to me! This app allows the user to key in a question such as 75 x 16 and see it set up vertically rather than horizontally. I don’t know about you, but I was taught to do long multiplication by stacking the numbers vertically, multiplying by the ones, then the tens, and adding. When you just key the numbers into the calculator, you can’t see what is being done, but because this app sets up the problem vertically, the student is able to see the problem more clearly.

This comes into play in the practice games too. You can set it to various levels to include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each problem correctly solved gets you a smiley face, and you are trying to beat your high score. It does not sync with Game Center, so it is only yourself you have to beat.

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Learning the Basics

Kids Calculator sort of tricks the kids into doing the math. A lot of kids are skipping the basics of math and just grabbing a calculator. Kids Calculator lets them use a calculator, but also gets them to solve the problems themselves. I appreciate this a lot, because you don’t always have a calculator, even if there’s an app for that.

Practicing the basics through repetition and fun games is always a great way to learn. There are other apps that let the students learn through discovery, and there are great apps that teach through repetition. This one allows both, which is great.

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Kids Calculator


Pros & Cons


  • Vertical problems set up numbers as students are taught to solve in school
  • Students can see the whole problem that they are trying to solve
  • Students are given a chance to solve the problem prior to hitting the equals button
  • Game to practice the basics at various levels in all mathematical functions
  • Colorful and fun


  • You can’t jot a carried digit above the problem, so you have to remember it or use your fingers


Final Thoughts

Kids Calculator for iPhone and iPod touch is a great teaching tool for learning math. It allows the user to practice at various levels in all functions, and shows the problem to be solved vertically. My 10 year old son uses this app almost every night for his homework, and so far it hasn’t let him down.


Kids Calculator

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