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TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD app review: enjoy tennis no matter where you are



If you're a tennis fan then there's a great way to enjoy your favorite game no matter where you are and that's by using the TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD app. This app can be enjoyed on your iPad and provides you with all the action you would expect from the sport. This game is ideal for casual gameplay, beginners, and those who consider themselves somewhat of an expert at the game of tennis. Both the women's and men's divisions are represented in this game so get ready for the action to begin.

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TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD


Updates and Action

This app has been around for a few tennis seasons now and in the most recent one there have been a number of updates made to gameplay in order to give you an even more exciting experience. As mentioned there are women's and men's division tennis, all of which are action packed of course. The app uses touch and swipe functionality presented in a 3D arcade mode.

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To give the user a more realistic experience there are sound effects and music that are meant to mimic the real thing. Let's not forget that there are a few levels of difficulty so that even as you improve you can still feel challenged.



As mentioned in this game you will be playing with arcade simulation, which gives you a classic and fun feel. Gameplay is as easy as swiping the screen and use different shots. Just like in the real thing, change up the game by changing your court surfaces from artificial to grass to clay. Each reacts a bit differently so you'll need to adjust your moves.

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When you launch the app scroll through the main menu to find the How to Play section, this is well worth visiting the first time you use the app. The instructions are brief but all you need to understand how to play. After familiarizing yourself with the controls it’s time to play. You will need to customize your game by choosing your player division, swing/aim/power, game difficulty, and the in-game camera. You can always go back and change these settings during game play if you want.

Right from the start I find the game challenging but not in a bad way; in fact, it’s pretty addictive and makes me want to keep trying. The controls are very intuitive so that part of the game is simple to use at least. The graphics are fun, as are the sound effects. There is the ability to pause the game any time.


TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD


Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive 3D arcade simulation gameplay
  • A variety of difficulty levels
  • Men’s and women’s divisions
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Customize your gameplay



  • The game takes a while to master and definitely provides a challenge


Final Thoughts

The TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD app for the iPad is a great casual game to enjoy, giving you all the action you expect from the real thing.

TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD

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