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Sketch Club app review: the must-have drawing app for all artists



The Sketch Club app for iPhone and iPad is an incredible tool for any aspiring artist or professional artist. This is not only a way to create on the go, but also has the ability to keep you inspired and motivated. This is something every artist, no matter what the medium, needs.

The best iPad apps for painting and sketching

Sketch Club


Art Is Subjective

Sketch Club is so much more than your standard drawing app, as it provides you with unlimited tools and options to create the image you want. This iPad sketching app costs $2.99 and this is a steal for everything included in Sketch Club.

The best iPad apps for drawing

The interface is absolutely stellar, and uncluttered which gives the user the perfect palate to get right to work. Each and every tool has multiple functions, and gives the artist complete freedom to get the exact look and feel they want for their work. Unlike most other sketch and drawing apps out there, Sketch Club’s interface is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. Finally: an app that follows the movement of your finger or stylus as you use it, not three seconds after you’ve started your line.

Even if you opt to utilize the Vector Tool, you still have the ability to adjust it freehand on the fly. This is the same for many of the tools in the app. Sketch Club is all about working with you, and supporting your inspiration.

Art Is Subjective image

A Wonderful Online Community

Sketch Club also includes a wonderfully integrated online community. The community offers you so many options to communicate, inspire, and comment on others artist’s work. Upload your own sketches and let other artists comment and rate your work. By utilizing you can enter daily challenges and weekly fun competitions to win prizes. The community is also allows you to create speed painting videos with direct uploading to YouTube.

Best iphone and ipad apps

The thing that impressed me most when I went through the comments on other artists works was there was little to no troll culture on the site at all. Everyone on the site was there to support one another. Any criticism I did see was always constructed, and very well-received. Each artist was attempting to help the other get better. It was extremely refreshing.

A Wonderful Online Community image

Sketch Club


Pros & Cons


  • Fantastic uncluttered interface
  • So many tools and options to create the image you want
  • Many of the tools are customizable
  • Wonderfully integrated online community that provides much more than merely sharing your sketches
  • $2.99 is a steal for everything this sketching app has to offer


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Sketch Club app is definitely the standard of what all iPhone and iPad drawing and sketching apps should be. There is so much more in this app than I could include in this review I feel I owe the developers an apology. They have worked extremely hard to provide users with the most freedom, and ease of use any artist could ask for. Regardless if you are a professional illustrator, an aspiring artist, or just someone who likes to doodle, Sketch Club is the app you need.

Sketch Club

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