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AskMD app review: a personalized health consultation that helps identify what's bothering you



Touted as being much more than just a simple symptom checker, this iPhone and iPad app features speech recognition powered by Nuance, enabling you to easily learn more about why you might be feeling under the weather. You’ll find this and many more great features within this app.

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There are so many symptom checker apps within the Health & Fitness and Medical categories of the App Store, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is one of the better developments of its kind.

If you are concerned about some aspect of your health, or that of a loved one, then I would definitely recommend taking a look at this app because it does contain some very useful features that will help you to very quickly get some idea of whether or not you have an emergency on your hands.



Voice Recognition Powered by Nuance

As I mentioned in the introduction, AskMD includes speech recognition which is powered by Nuance technology. This quite cleverly enables you to simply speak your questions regarding your symptoms into your device, and you’ll be presented with a ton of relevant information.

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I often have trouble with speech recognition features on apps, but this one seems to be quite reliable, and as the developer has mentioned in the iTunes description page, “the app utilizes Pattern Recognition Technology to match your answers against a dynamic clinical knowledge platform, yielding a list of possible causes that actually are relevant to you.”


Create Personalized Health Profiles

Further to this, if it turns out that you might have found yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation, the app will automatically present you with information on emergency rooms that are closest to your location, enabling you to take the necessary steps in no time at all.

As well as the symptom checking features, you can also use AskMD to keep track of your health on a day-to-day basis. You can save information such as medication you are taking, contact details for your doctor, and even information pertaining to your health insurance policies.

Additionally, you can create a number of personalized health profiles for you and your family members, including details such as your cholesterol and blood pressure, and general information such as your weight and height.




Pros and Cons


  • Receive a personalized health “consultation,” complete with information about medication, possible health ailments and more
  • Features voice recognition powered by Nuance
  • If the app detects that you are in an emergency it will provide information for the nearest emergency rooms
  • Create multiple health profiles to take care of your family members



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

AskMD is a great app that I think is well worth keeping handy on your iPhone and iPad because you never know when it might come in useful.

I’m very impressed overall, so AskMD definitely receives my recommendation.



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