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TrackMyDrive app review: a reliable mileage tracker



Do you need to be able to track your mileage for work or personal reasons? There are plenty of tools and apps that can help you but some are incredibly confusing or lack in the features department. The TrackMyDrive app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an app that is dedicated to tracking your mileage by using your device's GPS. It is able to track your entire trip rather than just the start and end positions. There is also a strong focus on keeping the app user-friendly and simple so that mileage tracking doesn’t become a chore.

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TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log


User-Friendly Mileage Tracking

If you need to be able to track an entire trip, this is one way to do it. Not all apps offer this luxury so right there it manages to stand out from the crowd. To track a trip all you need to do is tap on the "Start Tracking" icon and it will do so until you tell it not to. It really doesn’t get cleaner and simpler than that.

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There are all kinds of features here, such as the fact that your information will automatically be synced among your devices;l you can also view and update your trips right on your desktop computer. This makes it possible to print your trip details and reports in Excel, CSV, or PDF format. Because this information is very important you can rest easy knowing it's always backed up.

Just What Users Want

This app seems to be exactly what users want and it scores quite high with customers. The app is available as a yearly subscription at the very reasonable rate of $2.99. This is much lower than some of the others in this same category.

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If you’re looking for a mileage tracker that is filled with features, tools, and functions, this likely isn’t the one for you. This one is kept very basic and clean, which I find refreshing. The user interface feels modern, uncluttered, and polished. There is nothing confusing or overwhelming here, which is exactly what many people want. They just need to track their trip without all the bells and whistles.

The first time you launch the app you’ll need to create an account. This is well worth it because should you ever lose your device, you information is kept safe and sound. Simply use your login to access it. Use the navigation bar along the bottom to view your tracking, reports, and trips.

TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log


Pros and Cons


  • Clean and simple user interface
  • User-friendly features and tools
  • Tracks your entire trip not just the start and end points
  • View your data from your desktop computer
  • Print your trip reports


  • You may find it’s too sparse on tools and features

Final Thoughts

The TrackMyDrive app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you an effective and simple way to track basic trips. If you’re looking for an easy way to track your mileage that is accurate and user-friendly, this is a wonderful option.

TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log

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