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Credit Sesame app review: view your Experian credit score 2021



As featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and NBC’s TODAY Show, this very cool iPad and iPhone credit scores app enables you to view your Experian credit score every month for free so that you can work to improve your credit score over time.

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This is a great credit scores app for those of you looking to improve your financial standing, and there are a ton of great features beyond the basic credit monitoring that I think you’ll find to be quite useful.

The developer has done a great job of pulling together a handful of awesome features, making this app a must-have for any of you out there who are looking for a free and convenient way of bolstering your credit rating.

For more information on this top credit scores app for iPhone and iPad, check out our Credit Sesame app review below.

Credit Sesame


Free Experian Credit Checks Every Month

I would say that the main selling point, if you will, of Credit Sesame - Your free credit score and free credit monitoring! Save money on your mortgage, loans, and credit cards. is the free credit monitoring, which enables you to track your Experian credit score for free.

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This can be done once a month, which I think is more than enough frequency to track the monthly improvements as you work to increase your rating.

You can also use this app to view detailed analyses of your existing credit cards and loans, so beyond a basic view of your credit score you can also work to streamline your current debts and see if you can consolidate anything to bring down your monthly repayments.

Free Experian Credit Checks Every Month image

Streamline and Optimize Your Finances

One feature I did find to be quite impressive is the Home Buying Power feature. If you’re considering purchasing a home, you can use this tool to find out exactly how much you can afford, ensuring that you don’t waste your time making enquiries into properties that are way beyond your current means.

In addition to all of this, you’ll also find money saving tips and recommendations, ways of making savings on your auto insurance, and even options for re-mortgaging your home so that you can optimize your finances to the fullest extent and push your credit rating even higher.

Streamline and Optimize Your Finances image

Credit Sesame


Pros and Cons


  • View your Experian credit score once a month for free
  • Track the ongoing changes to your credit rating to further improve it
  • Use the Home Buying Power feature to find out exactly what kind of properties you can afford
  • Access a wealth of money saving tips and unbiased recommendations
  • View options for new mortgages and refinancing your home


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Credit Sesame - Your free credit score and free credit monitoring! Save money on your mortgage, loans, and credit cards. is a great Finance app for iPhone and iPad, and it definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me!

Credit Sesame

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