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Bills Monitor Free for iPad app review: a smart, full-featured, and convenient utility to manage your bills 2021



What we have here is a heavily featured bills app for iPhone and iPad that makes it easier than ever to input, manage, and pay your bills on time every single month, and with a host of other great features you’re sure to be able to streamline your financial affairs like never before.

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The developers of this bill monitoring app, Maxwell Software, is a fantastic development team, which I can say with some confidence having reviewed a few apps of theirs over the past month or two. 

For more information on this good app for monitoring your bills, check out our Bills Monitor app review below. 

Bills Monitor Free for iPad - Bill Alert & Manager


Bills, Bills, Bills...

The basic calendar view in Bills Monitor Free for iPad - Bill Manager & Reminder provides a convenient visual layout that, to put it simply, just makes a lot of sense. Being able to see when payments are due to leave your account in this format definitely makes it easier to plan ahead with your current spending behaviors.

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You can very easily add bills to this app, with additional options for placing them in various categories, specifying on which date they are due, and what the recipient account is. You can also select whether or not a bill is recurring, and even choose a specific end date where relevant.

To add to this, you’ll notice that you can also set reminders for each bill, with the option to receive a notification a certain number of days before the bill is due or simply when it is overdue.

Bills, Bills, Bills... image

Export Your Bills via Email

Over time, you can use Bills Monitor Free for iPad to create an ongoing record of your bill-paying activities, and there is a very useful badge system which shows the number of unpaid bills that are currently overdue so that you can prioritize accordingly as you go.

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What’s more, this app allows you to select custom time periods from which you can export data sets via email in CSV, HTML, or PDF file formats. This is perfect for sending financial reports to your financial advisor if you have one, or simply creating a backup copy that you can print and save in hard copy.

Export Your Bills via Email image

Bills Monitor Free for iPad - Bill Alert & Manager


Pros and Cons


  • View your bills in a handy calendar format
  • Specify details such as the due date, recipient, and recurring status of your bills
  • Choose from 20 preset categories or create your own
  • Badges show your number of overdue unpaid bills
  • Add account names, contact details, and much more
  • Fully customize your bills with personal notes to keep track of important details
  • Export your bills via email in CSV, HTML, or PDF file formats


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for a handy way of monitoring and managing your bills and other aspects of your finances from your iPad then I would definitely recommend taking a look at Bills Monitor Free for iPad - Bill Manager & Reminder as I think you’ll be very impressed.

Bills Monitor Free for iPad - Bill Alert & Manager

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