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PNL app review: combining two of the most-used apps 2021



Some of the best and most useful apps are the ones that manage to combine tools together, saving you time and hassle. The PNL calculator app is one of those types of apps as it allows you to make notes and calculations all in one simple location.

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This iPhone calculator app can also be used on your iPad and saves you from having to switch between apps thanks to the fact it has a user-friendly calculator and note-taking tool built into it. It takes a simplistic approach in its design and offerings so that it’s quick to use.

Let's see if this is one of the best calculator apps for iPhone and iPad as we dive deeper into what it has to offer through our PNL app review.

PNL - Profit and Loss (Notes with calculator)


User-Friendly Tools and Features

This app is all about saving you time and hassle so with that in mind everything here has been built with simplicity in mind. The app is made up of three columns in total. The columns are divided up as your expenses or income, then the numbers, then the calculations.

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The way it works is that you plug in the description of the item into your income/expense column, then the numbers, and the app does the calculations for you and gives you the total. Additional calculations can be done in the third column using the pop-up calculator tool.

In the app's most recent update a number of enhancements were made. There are now more currencies you can use, you have the ability to back up your data to iCloud or Dropbox, you can send information by email, you can move the calculator around on the screen, and you now have row management capability. The app has a 4.5 star rating from users who are fans of its ease of use and usefulness. 

User-Friendly Tools and Features image

Keeping Users Happy

The app offers all kinds of basic tools and features and also some extra ones that are unexpected. For instance you can set a password so that your information is always kept secure and private.

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You can use a variety of currencies, you are able to change the background theme and font, and you can edit the layout by deleting rows you don't need. It’s all about making the app work for you and your needs so that your calculations can be done easily and quickly.

I really like that the app feels so professional yet it is not at all hard to use. The user interface is sleek, responsive, and well-thought-out.

Keeping Users Happy image

PNL - Profit and Loss (Notes with calculator)


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly features and tools
  • Allows you to make calculations and notes all in one app
  • Offers a number of customization features
  • Back up data to iCloud or Dropbox
  • The ability to set a password protection code


  • Not all features are offered in the free version
  • This approach may be too simple for some people’s needs

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The PNL app for your iPad gives you a simple and quick way to record and track your expenses/income. There is a nice variety of tools, customization features, and options.

PNL - Profit and Loss (Notes with calculator)

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