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DiaLife app review: for those keeping track of calories



For those currently trying to lose or maintain their weight by counting and tracking calories, apps can make the process much easier. The DiaLife app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way of tracking and logging your weight, calories, calories burned, and glycemic index. This is in fact a mobile version of the website, giving you a mobile way to keep track of all your information. This app gives you a way to easily and quickly input all your details so that you can get on with your day.

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DiaLife - calorie counter, calorie burn, glycemic index, weight tracking


Takes Care of all the Tracking

This app is able to take care of all the tracking you need so that you don't have to worry about keeping count yourself. The app features all kinds of tools meant to make the process simple and quick. Not only that, but there is no Internet connection needed in order to use it. Record items as you eat them so you don’t forget to input them, which is what makes an app so convenient. As mentioned, this is meant to be the mobile version or companion tool to the popular website.

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In the most recent update of this app there was a bug fix and an update made to the app icon. The end result is a smoother, more user-friendly experience.


DiaLife screenshot 1
DiaLife screenshot 1

Using this App

With this app you will be able to input what you have eaten. You can type in a product name even partially and suggestions will pop up. You can save it as consumption, ration, or dish, and add it to the calculator. There is an unlimited amount of diets and meals that you can create. As mentioned the real-time product search doesn't even require an Internet connection.

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Additional features include the calorie counter and the calorie burn calculator. Knowing how many calories you are eating is only half the battle; it's also very important to see how many you are burning. This gives you an idea if you need to be eating more/less and if you need to include more physical activity in your day. The food diary gives you a way to keep track of what you're eating, which can be quite telling. It's a great way to examine your eating habits and monitor your food behavior.

Despite all the handy tools and features I find the user interface to be a bit too bland. It feels almost clinical in its approach and not at all engaging.


DiaLife screenshot 2
DiaLife screenshot 2

DiaLife - calorie counter, calorie burn, glycemic index, weight tracking


Pros and Cons


  • Offers real-time product look-up
  • Doesn’t require Internet access
  • Track your calories consumed, calories burned, and your weight
  • Features a database of glycemic indices in foods



  • The user interface is not engaging or fun
  • The app isn’t always user-friendly throughout


DiaLife screenshot 3
DiaLife screenshot 3

Final Thoughts

The DiaLife app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with a way to keep track and log a variety of aspects when it comes to diet, nutrition, and your physical activity level.


DiaLife - calorie counter, calorie burn, glycemic index, weight tracking

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