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Always BHappy app review: bring happiness into your life



People have busy lives, busy schedules, stress, worries, and all kinds of things to deal with. With all of this going on it can sometimes be hard to find ways to be happy yet it's so very important to your physical and mental well-being. With that in mind the Always BHappy app provides you with a variety of challenges that are meant to bring happiness into your life. This app can be used on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

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Always BHappy


Happy Proposals

The way this app works is that it provides you with proposals that you can follow through on that can bring happiness into your day/life. You can choose to do all of them, just some of them, or just read through them; it’s really up to you how far you choose to take this offering. The free version of the app provides you with 30 proposals that are described as "enjoyable challenges." You earn points as you complete these proposals and then you can use these points to open up more proposal packs. If you’d rather you can just buy additional proposal packs before completing the current ones. Despite the fact that the proposals are all different they all share the common girl of making you happier.

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This app has recently been updated and fixed an error that many people were experiencing. With that said it doesn't have any customer ratings yet.


View a new proposal each day
View a new proposal each day

Using this App

When you enter the app you will need to register or sign in through Facebook. From there you are taken directly to that day’s enjoyable challenge with today’s date on it. Tap on the proposal to read the full text. You can mark it as done or pending. Each proposal can also be shared by Twitter or Facebook. I will say in just the few proposals I have looked through some contain spelling/grammar mistakes that actually make them a bit hard to understand. It would be nice to see this cleaned up. The user interface is incredibly simple and could do with a bit more visual interest.

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If you tap on the settings button you will have access to your profile, badges, preferences, proposals, and a tally of how many you have completed/pending. This is also where you can buy more proposal packs, each priced at €0.89. I feel like this app has a really cool idea and is heading in the right direction but could really benefit from some fine tuning.


Share proposals by Facebook and Twitter
Share proposals by Facebook and Twitter

Always BHappy


Pros and Cons


  • Work your way through enjoyable challenges meant to help bring happiness into your life
  • Mark challenges as pending or done
  • Earn points for each challenge you complete
  • Share challenges by Twitter or Facebook



  • There are spelling/grammar mistakes
  • You can only view the daily proposal
  • The app feels much too simple


Always BHappy screenshot
Always BHappy screenshot

Final Words

The Always BHappy app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with variety of challenges that you can complete in an effort to bring more happiness into your life.

Always BHappy

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