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MoneyBook - finance with flair app review



With its simple but bold interface design and comprehensive set of financial management tools, this iPhone and iPad app should provide you with everything you could possibly need to keep a firm hold on your daily, weekly, and monthly income and outgoings.

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This is a very nicely designed addition to the category of money management apps, and I think that a great many of you will find it to be more than adequate for tracking your spending habits and budgeting in general.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the $2.99 price tag because this does seem a little excessive in light of what else is available in the genre, but this is definitely a high-quality app so if it is a tad overpriced, it really isn’t by a whole lot.

MoneyBook - finance with flair


Create a Detailed and Secure Financial Log

MoneyBook - finance with flair has been designed to provide users with a one-stop point of reference for all things pertaining to the daily, weekly, and monthly management of their financial affairs, complete with passcode protection to keep records safely away from prying eyes.

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You can very easily input your income and all of your expenses, and there are spaces where you can add personalized notes to every transaction you record. This ensures that your records are kept as accurate and precise as possible.

You can also set up recurring transactions, which is ideal for incorporating your salary, rent, and other bills.


MoneyBook app screenshot 1
MoneyBook app screenshot 1

Export Your Records via Email

If you’re looking to create a backup copy of your financial records then you’ll be pleased to know that you can export your transactions via email in .CSV file format, with everything neatly presented in a spreadsheet.

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I would have to say that my favorite thing about this app is actually the way it looks. The interface is fairly generic but the developer has added just a touch of flair to make the app unique, and I think this lends itself very nicely to the overall user-experience.


MoneyBook app screenshot 2
MoneyBook app screenshot 2

MoneyBook - finance with flair


Pros and Cons


  • Easily record transactions in a matter of seconds
  • Set up recurring transactions for rent, bills, and so on
  • Create a backup copy of your records by exporting via email in .CSV file format
  • Keep your records safe and sound with passcode protection
  • Features a very attractive interface which a simple but bold design



  • As I mentioned above, the $2.99 price tag seems a little excessive, but I do like this app a lot so I still think it’s more or less worth the money


MoneyBook app screenshot 3
MoneyBook app screenshot 3

Final Words

Despite being a little on the expensive side, MoneyBook - finance with flair is a solid iPhone and iPad app with a great set of features slickly presented in a gorgeous interface, so it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me.


MoneyBook - finance with flair

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