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FourChords Guitar Karaoke app review: the fastest way to learn new songs 2021



If you’re a beginner guitarist who is looking for a fun and effective way of learning new songs then this is a very interesting iPhone and iPad guitar karaoke app that you might be wise to check out as it provides a fresh new way of learning songs in more of a karaoke-esque format.

The best iPad apps for learning guitar 2021

I think that this is an absolutely fantastic idea for a guitar app, and if it helps provides a slightly less daunting introduction to the world of music to young guitarists then all the better because it will lay down a decent foundation that they can build upon over time

I’m thoroughly impressed with the thought that has gone into this guitar karaoke app, and would definitely like to recommend this iPhone app for learning songs on guitar to any six-string newbies out there who are just getting started in their first year or two of axemanship!

Keep reading our Fourchords app review for more details on all of this app's features. 

FourChords Guitar Songbook


Add to Your Bag of Tricks

It never ceases to amaze me how much mainstream music, from Rock and Pop to Hip Hop, use the same basic chord progressions over and over again.

The best iPhone apps for learning guitar 2021

Although this lack of creativity and originality in most mainstream music puts me off almost entirely, it definitely makes it easy to learn such songs once you’ve added a few chords to your bag of tricks.

FourChords Guitar Karaoke takes advantage of this by providing a whole repertoire of songs across a variety of genres that you can learn to play with just four chords, and pretty basic ones at that.

The chords and song lyrics are presented in a format similar to what you would expect from a karaoke session, and you can even record your performances and play them back to track your playing progress over time. It's easily one of the best guitar karaoke apps I have ever seen. 

Add to Your Bag of Tricks image

Learn From Justin Guitar

There’s a very smart dude called Justin Guitar who features in videos scattered throughout the app. These videos are designed to provide some background information for the songs and help you to transition between chords a little more fluidly.

Best iphone and ipad apps

You’ll also be pleased to know that you can share all of your recordings with your friends and family online via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so this is a great way of letting the world know about your newfound mad skills!

Learn From Justin Guitar image

FourChords Guitar Songbook


Pros and Cons


  • The best karaoke app for playing any song by learning just four chords
  • Watch instructional videos featuring one Justin Guitar
  • View guitar chords and song lyrics in a novel karaoke format
  • Build your own songbook with your favorite songs from the huge music library
  • Share your recordings with others online via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


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Final Words

FourChords Guitar Karaoke is one of the more interesting iPhone and iPad apps that I’ve seen in the Music category of the App Store recently, and I really like the idea.

The content is also presented very lavishly and in a way that I think even the rankest of beginners will be able to understand, so yeah, be sure to check it out and build up your chops today!

FourChords Guitar Songbook

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