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Postale app review: the best way to share your travel and holiday experiences with others online



Didn’t anybody tell you? Postcards are like, so twentieth century! Come join us in the 21st century and use this iPhone and iPad app to design awesome personalized cards that you can send to your friends all over the world with just the tap of a screen!

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I’ve seen quite a few variations on the theme of greetings card designer apps but this is actually only one of maybe two or three that I’ve seen specifically tailored to travelers in replacement of postcards. I really like the idea and think it definitely deserves to catch on.

This app offers a fairly decent variety of ways in which you can customize your cards before sending them, and although there’s nothing quite like receiving a physical postcard, at least you’ll know that your friends and family will receive it before you get home rather than after!



Forget About Sending Postcards

Postale has been designed to provide users with a fun and effective way of designing and sending digital postcards from within a single interface. This is great for ensuring that you don’t have to rely on a foreign postal service to get your postcards delivered before you arrive home.

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I can remember being on vacation in Thailand and sending a postcard to my dear old mother (actually, let me change that to just ‘dear mother’ in case she’s reading this!). The blasted thing got to her two weeks after I got home, so I can definitely vouch for the usefulness of an app like this!


Postale app screenshot 1
Postale app screenshot 1

Edit the Perfect Message for Your Loved Ones

There is a very cool photo editor suite built into the app which allows you to apply a host of standard photographic effects to your cards, and you can also import photos from your Camera Roll or take one with your device’s integrated camera from directly within the app.

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This is a nice way of including a photo of yourself in the card rather than some generic stock image of a landmark in the location you’re staying at.

Once your Postale creations are complete, you can very quickly and easily send them to whomever you wish via Facebook, Twitter, and email, so you can no longer use unreliable foreign postal services as an excuse for not sending a nice message to your family!


Postale app screenshot 2
Postale app screenshot 2



Pros and Cons


  • Choose from four predefined card layouts and six card themes
  • Apply all manner of photo effects to your creations before sending them
  • Add location information to your creations to view your travels on a built-in map
  • Send your creations to others online via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Purchase even more themes and stamps from within the app



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Postale app screenshot 3
Postale app screenshot 3

Final Words

Postale is a great iPhone and iPad app which every traveler should keep handy, so be sure to download it and make your loved ones at home happy!



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