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Sex Positions 3D app review: all the help you need



Are you and your partner looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Here's an app that can lend some inspiration to you both. The Sex Positions 3D app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides users with dozens of positions that are shown in a tasteful way using illustrations. Each position also features detailed instructions. This app is all about teaching you the many moves and elements found in the Kamasutra as well as other techniques.

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Sex Positions 3D


Get Out of Your Slump

Here’s a way that you and your partner can get out of your slump when it comes to your sex life. If things have gotten rather predictable this is a way to add a whole bunch of unpredictable moves into the mix. Even if you're shy or uncomfortable talking about such things as sexual positions the app approaches it in a way that is tasteful and not at all intimidating. As mentioned all the moves are shown as illustrations and feature instructions. Besides just highlighting the many positions found in the Kamasutra there are other techniques as well. Now here's what makes the app really crazy, simply put on a pair of 3D glasses for a totally different look at these positions.

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In this app's most recent update it had a few minor bug fixes. It currently has has four out of five stars from customers for the current version of the app.


Keep all the positions organized
Keep all the positions organized

A List of Inspirational Ideas

This app literally gives you a large list of inspirations when it comes to sexual positions. You can scroll through the positions that have been divided into seven different categories just to make things easier. You can pick one in specific or you can have the app select a random move for you to try. If you’re looking at the moves with 3D glasses you can actually move all around the screen and look at the illustrations from all different vantage points.

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Moves can be marked as a favorite, tried, untried, or put on your to do list. You can rate the positions and read the instructions by tapping on the information key. Just tap the 3D glasses icon in the top right hand side of the screen so it knows which image to display. I find it surprising just how many moves you get in this app; I figured some might be locked but they are all available to view.


View images in 3D
View images in 3D

Sex Positions 3D


Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to navigate
  • Positions are divided into seven categories
  • Mark moves as tried, untried, to do, and a favorite
  • Read instructions on each move
  • View positions in 3D with any pair of 3D glasses



  • There have been some minor bugs that appear to have been worked out



Check out the list of positions
Check out the list of positions

Final Thoughts

The Sex Positions 3D app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and can offer you and your partner some really fun ways to change up your bedroom routine.


Sex Positions 3D

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