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Shadow Fight 2 app review: back for more 2021



If you're a fan of the first Shadow Fight or even if you're new to the iPhone fighting games app genre, you won't want to miss out on this brand-new offering.

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Shadow Fight 2 is here and can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and with its original game hitting 40 million users on Facebook this one is sure to be a hit as well. This fighting games app mixes classic style fighting with RPG for an incredible, high-paced, and challenging experience. This one provides you with epic battles to take part in.

Is this one of the best fighting games apps for iPhone and iPad gamers? Check out our Shadow Fight 2 app review to find out.

Shadow Fight 2


Heading into Battle

Before you head into battle you get to start with setting up your character. Give your character things like armor sets, weapons, and plenty more to provide a realistic fighting experience. You can also choose from dozens of techniques in Martial Arts that look almost exactly like the real thing.

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Here your goal is to defeat the bosses by first making your way through the enemies. You need to reach the Gate of Shadows so you can close it. There are six worlds you will need to work your way through so there is no shortage of action.

As mentioned this is a new release and it's free to download and play. You can buy gems however that range from $0.99 to $49.99. These can be used to purchase upgrades in the game.

Heading into Battle image

Gameplay and Features

The game begins with a brief introduction which is like a mini-movie, this is cool for those unfamiliar with the original game. The graphics are quite impressive as are the sound effects throughout the game. The sequel definitely doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

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As mentioned above you need to work your way through six very different worlds. Each one has its own enemies and you're going to have to use different skills in order to be successful in defeating them. The storyline is constant throughout and the developers have done a really good job staying consistent.

This is something that isn’t always true, especially in a sequel. Some of the moves you'll need to use include jumping, kicking, slashing, and punching which are all easy to control and very responsive.

Gameplay and Features image

Shadow Fight 2


Pros and Cons


  • An immersive storyline that is consistent throughout
  • Incredible graphics and sound effects
  • Mixes classic fighting style with RPG
  • Plenty of different enemies to defeat
  • There is no shortage of challenge


  • The game has crashed on me a number of times
  • Content can be slow to load
  • There is no multiplayer option

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Shadow Fight 2 app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a strong sequel to the incredibly popular Shadow Fight game.

Shadow Fight 2

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